8 Vegan Meat Alternative Brands To Try

As more and more people are turning to a plant based lifestyle, more branmds are are popping up offering vegan alternatives to meat and dairy.

Some of these products are so great, even meat eaters are changing over. Let us take a look at some of the top brands changing the meat alternative game.

Linda McCartney

The Linda McCartney range is lush with some delicious options such as the pulled pork, Beef, Mushroom & Spinach Wellington Bites and the Vegetarian Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages amongst others. The range really does have so much to offer. The range is also not fully vegan (yet) so check before buying.

The other thing I really appreciate about her range, or rather the brand itself is their commitment to sustainability. They are currently 96% plastic free and aim to be 100% plastic free by 2021. In this day and age where plastic is infiltrating every nook and cranny of our living, this is really a step forward as a company.

Fry’s Family Food

Fry’s started in South Africa and was, in fact, my first experience with vegan meat alternatives. Their range has steadily improved over the years and Fry’s Family Foods is a firm favourite in the vegan community. We love their spicy sausages and their chicken style schnitzels. Their range is extensive from burgers and all their different varieties, nuggets, seafood styles, roasts and pies.


Quorn has been a long time stander. Contrary to most of the other brands, it is not soy based but rather created from mycoprotein. This is derived from a fermented fungus. There is some debate whether it is an allergen or not but I think Quorns success means it has some legitimacy. My partner and I absolutely love the hot and spicy burgers. Watch out, not all their products are vegan so look out for their marked vegan products.


Vivera is a Dutch company that produces all vegetarian and vegan products. Their veggie steak is meant to be a hit – I can’t wait to try it! Aside from their awesome range, they also have some pretty stand up ethics. As a vegan, my concern lies for animals as well as for the environment so a company that considers both is a gem. They grow pretty much all their own ingredients and get this, they are aiming to become one of the greenest factories in Europe. This is my dream come true. Sustainability as a principle of business.

Something that caught my eye was that they use lupini beans in some of their products. The protein content of these is even higher than soy. This is great news for those sensitive to soy. They also offer products that are solely vegetable based, personally, I really like this. Sometimes I just want good old veg! You can find Vivera stocked across Sainsbury.


Well, what more can I say that these products look absolutely AMAZING! I love the colours of their foods and even more, I love that they are natural and free from all the major 14 allergens. Soy allergy is real and for those that can’t consume soy, this is truly a great alternative.

Their range offers some appealing treats such as the Moroccan spiced bakes, beetroot burgers, Goan cauliflower bites and sweetcorn quinoa bites amongst others. Go check out Gosh! colourful Instagram page, just watch out, you will get hungry!

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat has been in the news big time. They have created a meat alternative with the same texture and bleed that meat does. They didn’t actually come about as a way to serve vegans but more as a meat alternative to reduce the impact of the meat and dairy industry on the planet. Their ethics are environmentally centred however they are of course very happy for vegans to gain from their products.

They are now selling across the UK and you can find them in the meat section. Initially, I was not too pumped on this. I avoid the meat aisle like the plague but as my partner thoughtfully pointed out. It’s there to serve as a meat alternative. Whilst vegans may not be comfortable heading over to the meat aisle, it does display to non-vegans and allow for a more ethical option.


I didn’t know about this brand until this article but I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. Their range looks delicious. I also like the look and style of the brand. They have images of community eating which I think is an integral part of human interaction. Veganism is sometimes excluded but with amazing products like these vegans and non-vegans can happily dine with one another. PETA UK announced that Oumphs Spiced Kebabs as the winner of the best vegan meat.

No Bull

No Bull is made in small batches by a family run business. It came from a desire on their own part to have veggie burgers that are tasty. And wow, they have done quite a good job of it. Their burger range is not huge but for that, they make up in ingredient combinations that make the mouth water. I also love that they are free of soy and other allergens. It’s mostly lentils, quinoa and beans with veggies and herbs that make up their burgers.

There it is folks

So there it is, 9 brands to try as alternatives to meat. This list is not for vegans only. (they probably know all of them anyway). It’s for everyone else. The treatment of animals in the food industry is something from horror stories and the environmental impact is another major concern.

With so many amazing brands out there really is no excuse not to reduce meat consumption and take responsibility for your impact on the planet. It’s up to us all to take steps for our larger home, the planet. It’s up to all of us to take steps to preserve and protect the health of the planet not just for us now, but for future generations that will face the impact of our decisions now.