8 Vegan Celebrities For The Animals

Vegan celebrities are one of the biggest and impactful ways to spread messages. It’s great to see that so many people are choosing plant-based lifestyles and promoting it through their influence.

The following celebrities speak about the cause in media and are also are active participants in animal and environmental welfare. Imagine a world where all the most influential people in the world had such passion for the problems we face as a society. World hunger, environmental destruction and species welfare.

Here are some amazing stars that don’t just talk about veganism but make it a part of their life mission.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is a beautiful example of what someone can do with power and influence.

She has not eaten meat since age nine and several years ago decided to become fully vegan after reading the book Eating Animals.

Other than being very open and positive about her vegan lifestyle, she has also produced a documentary based on the book with the same title, Eating Animals.

She promotes veganism with style, compassion and openness. Behind the scenes she has focus and determination to end the suffering of animals.


Wow! Moby may be the longest standing vegan in this list. He has been a committed vegan since 1982 and stood by his values ever since. Not only a great music producer but a great activist too.

He has done much to spread the word of compassion and evolution of existing methods and practices.

He openly talks about veganism in the media and expresses with great passion the necessity to end consumption of animals and their use as commodities.

Lewis Hamilton

Of all the vegan new comers on the block, Lewis Hamilton is really one to admire.

This guy has achieved so much and boasts his plant-based diet as aiding in his athletic performance. He enjoys his food and says that he can now enjoy eating carbs without picking up weight, a bonus for such competitive athletes.

What is really admirable is his outspoken views on veganism. He uses his social platform to spread awareness and encourage others to try it. This is really amazing coming from a top male athlete as many men think veganism is emasculating. Well, Lewis is proof that it is not so.

Head over to his Instagram account and you will see posts about veganism and his call to action to his fans. Lewis is an outstanding role model for young men.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is another long timer up there with Moby. In fact he beats Moby by going vegan at age 3 when we witnessed a fish being killed right in front of him. He recalls the moment as the fish was living and then dead in a moment.

This guy is really admirable, well all these people are but Joaquin is a vegan to the core. He is an active activist and supports Mercy For Animals.

He also did the below promo for PETA on the wool industry and talks about wool alternatives. His passion is infectious and inspiring.

Woody Harrelson

Woody is one of those stars that you feel like you could hang out with and have a beer. He is easy going and fun. He radiates a childlike playfulness that many famous people lack.

But when it comes to veganism, raw food and the environment, he makes no laughing matter of it.

He has teamed up with PETA to release research chimpanzees, is a big lover of hemp, bought into a vegan organic restaurant, Sage and in 2019 set to release a documentary series that he produced, “Wicked Healthy World“.

In the series he features vegan chefs, farmers, and innovators and look into the possibilities of a sustainable world. You go Woody!

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming is not as well known as some other vegans but has been committed non the less and his action against the dairy industry deserves mention.

He was vegetarian initially but became tired of all the dairy that is used in vegetarian diets to replace meat products.

He claims that after ditching dairy his skim became clearer, was less congested and pegs veganism as the reason he has so much energy and youthfulness. I agree!

He has worked with PETA on an anti dairy campaign, an issue that definitely needs to be brought to light. The dairy industry is notoriously cruel and have poor ethics.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone, mostly known for her role on in the film Clueless, has been vegan since her early twenties.

She has been open and passionate about her decision and cites her beauty to a plant-based diet.

She has written a book about veganism called The Kind Diet, a firm favourite among vegan mothers.

Alicia has a beautiful Instagram page where she shares her vegan life and motherhood. This is invaluable for all those women who are facing harsh responses from the people around them for being vegan and pregnant and raising vegan children. A true inspiration.

Simon Amstell

Most people know Simon Amstell from Popworld and Nevermind The Buzzcocks.

He is a tongue in cheek comedian and not for everybody’s sense of humour but we are not here for that.

Behind Simon’s comedy is a commitment to veganism. He decided that the vegan documentary films out were too serious so made a kind of mockumentary about veganism.

He describes it as a funny film with some added information and facts. He says that at some point its going to be really awkward eating other animals because of the information coming out about where it comes from. That it is inevitable for society to move towards a vegan lifestyle.

His mockumentary was received well by vegans and non vegans and is a must watch.

It’s just the beginning

This is a small list of the stars who are moving towards a plant-based lifestyle and follow vegan morals and ethics. The stars mentioned above are ones that take action for the movement. They are individuals who feel passionate about the cause and are aiming to educate the larger public on the realities of factory and dairy farming. They are using the power of their influence to promote change in the public and put pressure on governments to make a change.

Dolma has been around since 1982. Our founder, Jim, was equally a passionate vegan. As a chemist, he decided to create a line of vegan perfumes and vegan aftershaves that were vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable. He followed his dream and Dolma still stands today as a leading brand in Vegan Fragrances.