Animal Sanctuaries To Support UK

Whether you are vegan or not, supporting a local animal sanctuary is amazing. Animals, especially factory farm animals, have no voice of their own and have little power to support themselves in a world where humans dominate. Unfortunately, we dominate with force. Destructing their habitats, forcing them to give us their young, and use them as products for goods we don’t need for survival or even something as unfair as a sport.

I wanted to showcase the amazing people doing their best to be representatives of the animals and doing what they can to make a difference.

What I like about these organisations are that they are not only rescuing animals in need but also creating awareness and educating people about the reality of factory farming and the cruel practices involved. They shed light on how animals are discarded in the sports industry when they are no longer useful. These are all incredibly important issues facing us and people that are taking these animals in and offering them normal lives where they can be free and live without fear is really extraordinary.

The Retreat Animal Rescue – Farm Sanctuary and Cafe

Location: The Retreat, Brickyard Farm, Cripple Hill High Halden, Kent

What do they do? They care for rescued animals from dogs and cats to pigs, cows and horses. They offer specialized medical care and aim to re-home as many animals as possible. I really love their strict no kill policy.

How can you support? Retreat animal rescue are caring for over 1000 animals at any given time. Financial support, food, blankets and toys are appreciated and of course your time would also be valued.

Bonus: They have a cafe! The Retreat Cafe at their High Halden site that offer delicious vegan food. Why not support them while enjoying a great plant-based meal?

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary (BFAS)

Location: Wellingborough in the East Midlands.

What they do: The specialize in rescuing farm animals. They do care for other animals but as a passionate vegan company, they focus on saving animals from factory farms.

How can you support: They have various options available to support from volunteering your time, to adopting an animal to having a wishlist of things they really need.

Bonus: Their passion and dedication. I love their sponsor an animal program. For those that cant have a cow in their garden, you can now sponsor one to live out the rest of their lives fear free. That is a gift like no other.

Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

Location: East Peckham, Kent

What they do: This amazing team finds beautiful home space for unwanted, abused, neglected or abandoned farm animals. They support these animals medically as well as providing them with free roaming space to do as they please.

How you can support: They have various options available. They offer Patreon as a means of support (£5 per month) and also accept donations and volunteers. They also accept others donations from PayPal as well as goods needed around the farm. Anything is appreciated.

Bonus: Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary is not only a safe haven for neglected and abused animals but a source of education. I love this idea. Its not that people are evil but rather that they are uneducated about problems in the world. They also aim for a farm that supports ecological sustainability. Great going guys!!

Willows Animal Sanctuary

Location: Willows is located on the B9093 road between Strichen and New Pitsligo, Scotland

What they do: They rescue animals of all kinds. If you go to their page, you can see the cases they have taken on and the magic that they have worked with them, especially horses. Horses are often neglected and put down as they take more to take care of, but not Willows!

How you can support: You can sponsor an animal, create a debit order or offer simple donations in whatever form you can give. Anything is appreciated.

Bonus: What I love about Willows Animal sanctuary is that they are not ageist. Yes, ageist. A lot of sanctuarys will refuse acre for elderly animals as it costs too much money and they end up being euthanized. But Willow takes on all cases, young and old. This is so special. If I were an old horse, lost and forgotten, having a family in my last years would mean the world. Thanks Willow Animal Sanctuary!

Dean Farm Trust

Location: Shirenewton in Monmouthshire, south east Wales.

What they do: Rescue animals from factory farming, sports or other unfair use of animals. They are also involved in the education about the use of animals in factory farming, intensive breeding and cruel sports. Education is power!

How you can support: You can do direct donations of money or goods or you can sponsor an animal. I personally love the idea of sponsoring animals as you can help an animal live out a natural life until their passing, that’s quite special.

Bonus: They have afternoon open days which are really a lovely idea for kids. Rather than showing children the idea of animal prisons (aka zoos) why not support these amazing people as well as educate your children about the sentience and beauty of farm animals.

Support those who are doing the hard work

Unfortunately, the animal industries are huge and when it comes to money, welfare is quickly disregarded.

Animals suffer enormously and live out their lives in fear, pain and discomfort. That is just the reality of the industries. However, its the beautiful people above that really are the angels of our communities. They are taking in animals on the brink of death and despair and give them the care and most of all love they deserve and crave.

Boycott zoos and take your kids to these organizations so that we can create a generation of people that can see and respect the life behind the eyes of these animals. Not just the “pretty” animals like lions and tigers but all animals – pigs, cows and chickens and all the rest.

For the vast majority of those reading this you are able to live life freely, happily and without fear. Why not offer £5 pounds per month to support them or share old blankets, bowls or toys. Better yet, why not go with some mates or family and offer your time to help the staff feed, wash and care for the animals. There is no better gift than the gift of your time.

Dolma Vegan Perfumes and Aftershaves are in the process of creating connections with some organizations that care for animals, especially rescued from factory farming industries. Soon, a portion of your payment will be sent over them to help them on their mission.