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Our Fragrances At A Glance

amethyst 50ml

Amethyst Mist

An enduring perfume over a woody base, Amethyst Mist is a beautifully rich perfume encouraging relaxation and calm. Floral and citrus notes are intertwined with a subtle addition Founder Jim Payne chose a compassionate name for this classy fragrance. of mandarin and vetivert for earthiness and grounding. Amethyst stones are natural stress relievers with healing properties that banish negative energy and encourage inner strength, wealth, and clarity of mind. Sandalwood and cedarwood form the base notes while vetivert acts as the strong fixative, helping the blended citrus and floral fragrances slowly release onto the skin creating a lasting fragrance. Vetivert is sometimes known as the oil of tranquility making it the perfect fragrance for restful breaks and that holiday state of mind.


anahita 50ml


Anahita is a timeless classic fragrance for perfume lovers looking for a new gently spiced, floral perfume. Hand-crafted in Britain, made without animal ingredients and never tested on animals, Anahita gives a lasting individual scent you’ll love to wear. Fragrance is as much about expressing our individual personality as it is about the scent. Cypress with sandalwood and cedarwood gives Anahita a woody base with the sweet floral of ylang ylang with the slightly fruity lemon and delicate spice from the ginger.

Anahita was a Persian goddess given to healing and wisdom. Enhance your day when you wear Anahita and enjoy its therapeutic scent.


andromeda 50ml


Andromeda is a beautifully sweet floral perfume which immediately evokes memories of glorious sun-filled blue sky summer days. The soothing effect of the patchouli and copaiba make Andromeda a favourite for every day. This unique fragrance from Dolma’s cruelty-free range of vegan perfumes is made in Britain without animal ingredients and from essential oils blended with synthetic compounds for sustainability. Its name was inspired by Dolma founder Jim Payne’s many interests, reminiscent of Greek mythology and the galaxy. Wear Andromeda when you want to feel glamorous, uplifted and confident your favourite scent is cruelty-free and made with compassion for all living beings.


calista 50ml


Start your day with a fresh makeover and a generous spray of Calista. Greek for ‘most beautiful’, the floral essences in Calista work together in effortless harmony with the mild citrus of the lemon and gentle spice of ginger. When making compassionate beauty choices, this vegan, cruelty-free and original Calista is a treat to the senses for lovers of essentially floral scents. Jasmine, geranium and ylang ylang make Calista unmistakably floral, even with the subtle citrus of the bergamot. It’s the perfect fragrance to wear throughout spring and summer, and when you want a wisp of summer to drift into those chillier autumn and winter days.


compassion 50ml


A sophisticated fragrance for all seasons, this cruelty-free perfume is an especially sweet blend of copaiba, ginger, lemon, vetivert and ylang ylang over sandalwood and cedarwood. Compassion is a favourite scent to wear from daytime through to evening, for weekends and special occasions. When you’re looking for a new statement perfume, try Compassion. Fashion may come and go yet this classic fragrance will always emphasise your personal style. This heritage, British-made, ethically produced, vegan perfume will last for hours while you enjoy its fragrance with a clear conscience.


cushie b 50ml

Cushi B

Made in time-honoured tradition, Cushi B is the essence of one of Dolma founder Jim Payne’s first perfumes, its name musically inspired by the character in a folk song. Jim loved to experiment with essential oils (plant compounds) and a loyal following of 25 vegans regularly ordered his 6 early perfumes. He created Cushi B from lime and orange to achieve a citrus aroma with ylang ylang adding the floral note. Balanced with the gentle spices ginger and cinnamon Cushi B achieves a heritage fragrance still popular today. Enjoy the feelgood fragrance of Cushi B which has been every so slightly tweaked into this new modern classic.


keltina 50ml


Laden with rose, you’ll love Keltina for its distinguishing floral aroma. A beautifully delicate fragrance, Keltina also features neroli, amber and oud, adding the woodiness. Cedarwood and amber scents add the subtlest spice while our firm favourite sandalwood forms the base for its discernible floral essence. Keltina remains one of our staple perfumes and has long remained a favourite among regular customers. Notice the lasting scent throughout the day and spray a little extra from a handy 10ml size which fits neatly into your handbag. Bring a little more summer into everyday with Keltina.


prelude 50ml


Prelude has remained a classic staple perfume, steeped in compassion for humans, animals and the planet and blended with love using lemon and lime, patchouli and vetivert. They work in harmony to create a flattering night-time and special occasion favourite in the Dolma range. Treat yourself every day and make it your signature scent. Founder and formulator Jim Payne created the original Prelude in 1982. Firstly, for family and friends and then for a loyal following of vegan perfume lovers, Jim’s daughter April launched Prelude with the first 6 perfumes in the Dolma range and produced them commercially for many years. Perhaps its name was chosen as an introductory essence, to be followed by the next 5 original scents created. Prelude is the kind of vintage scent which remains a favourite with all generations.


raga 50ml


A perfume that has stood the test of time, Raga is a staple fragrance in the Dolma range. Strongly influenced by his love for music, Raga was the name given to the melodic framework for Indian classical music which inspired Jim Payne (Dolma’s founder) to choose this name for the (then) latest sweet and spicey to the Dolma range. We’ve brought it up to date for modern tastes with copaiba to sweeten the ginger spice – while orange adds the citrus touch. The clever blend of sweetness, spice and tangy citrus makes Raga a notable daytime staple perfume or evening fragrance. One of the six original fragrances Dolma founder Jim Payne created, Raga is full of character with a classical touch. Hand-crafted in Britain, cruelty-free, vegan ingredients and gentle on the environment, what’s not to love about Raga?


sarabande 50ml


With its roots founded in compassion, the intensely aromatic Sarabande is a timeless fragrance, distinctively spiced with a touch of floral thanks to a blend of geranium, ginger, vetivert and ylang ylang. Inspiration for the name of this exotic fragrance comes from a slow and graceful dance composed by Handel – the Sarabande. Jim Payne, Dolma’s founder, added his musical inspiration into the names for his perfumes along with his talent for creating vegan fragrances women love. Sarabande is one of Jim Payne’s earliest cruelty-free perfumes, made for family and friends and later advertised and sold to fund experiments into the making of new cruelty-free and vegan perfumes. Gently made in Britain with respect for people, animals and our planet.



We want our favourite perfume to last, especially when it’s as individual as Sonata. A deep, heady fragrance, it is the unique combination of geranium, ginger and lime in Sonata which make it a bold statement perfume – versatile for day and evening and a contender for the ‘occasion wear’ category. Sonata, named by founder Jim Payne after Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, is made without compromise – free from animal ingredients and animal testing. Our sense of smell can evoke powerful emotions and memories and the fragrance in Sonata will invigorate and calm the senses. Keep Sonata by your side for a day or evening uplift and wear with a clear conscience.


vegamusk 50ml


Dolma’s esteemed musk fragrance – Vegamusk – is created from essences of camomile and ginger on a sandalwood and cedarwood base.

Vegamusk is one of our most exotic scents, often reserved for special occasions and to integrate with your day or evening wardrobe. The distinctive chemistry of musk will reawaken your senses. Vegamusk is loved for its strong and lasting scent and rich aromas. Use it to add a generous spray of glamour to your favourite outfits. Nourish your senses with this distinctive, British-made, cruelty-free, vegan musk, an essential fusion of high-quality synthetic perfume compounds to support sustainable and ethical harvesting. Like all perfumes in the Dolma range, Vegamusk comes with social value – no animal testing, no animal ingredients, recyclable bottles and packaging.

It’s easy to fall in love with glamour of Vegamusk and decide to make it your signature fragrance. Indulge in the strong and lasting scent of Vegamusk to complement your individual style.



freedom vegan aftershave


This Dolma signature aftershave cologne is a fusion of tropical grass and petals on a wooded base with citrus at its heart. When the orange and ylang ylang notes fade, the cedar and sandalwood remain, while vertivert captures the base notes to make them linger. A fragrance reflects personal style and is a part of how we wish to be remembered. As vegans, we believe all animals deserve to live in an environment filled with kindness and free from harm. We wish for a world where all sentient beings live their lives naturally, alongside humans instead of for humans. The name of this cologne, Freedom, represents liberty and individualism. Jim Payne and his daughter, Dolma’s founders, wished for a compassionate age, where all fragrance is made cruelty-free. Freedom’s scents are strong, its ingredients health-promoting – wear it with a clear conscience. Every Dolma fragrance is blended using essential oils with synthetic compounds in consideration of our planet. Choose to wear Freedom every day or interchange with others in the Dolma range.


Imagine Vegan Aftershave Cologne


This aftershave cologne is a unique fragrance, a fresh, modern classic. Imagine is a masculine scent we’ve updated for today’s generation. Like the whole Dolma range, Imagine is created without cruelty and with compassion for all living beings. Following the ethics of our founder, Jim Payne, we leave out animal ingredients, reject animal testing and put in essential ingredients to give you a wooded and spicy scent to last for hours. This aftershave began as a unisex fragrance called Quintet (as a musician, Jim loved musically inspired names). He then revised the formula to create Imagine as a defined masculine aftershave. Imagine is now a contemporary, strong, dark, earthy scent with a hint of musk, a trace of sweetness and an intensity that stays with you from day to evening. Splash on in the morning to complement your formal or professional wear or save for evening times. Try the handy trial size set if you’re looking for a different fragrance.



Another distinguishing Dolma original, Sirius aftershave cologne is an original blend of spicy, sweet and woody aromas. Lovers of the great British outdoors will feel immersed in this cologne and its earthy essence which works before and after a workout. Aromatic artemisia fused with the herbiness of bergamot and essence of forest pine, peppermint and cedarwood are associated with promoting health. Respecting our founder’s ethos and inventiveness, we keep the name ‘Sirius’ representing Jim’s love of astronomy. Sirius means the brightest star in the earth’s night sky. Jim’s daughter April saw the potential in creating aftershave colognes for men in the 1980s and encouraged her father to make Sirius. Much loved by friends and family it remains a firm favourite. Herbal, earthy and woody meet peppermint, pine and patchouli in a subtle yet distinctive day to evening cologne fragrance. Splash on Sirius and feel grounded.



A self-defining fragrance featuring citrus, mint and spice, Kwame offers a fresh and invigorating start to the day. Kwame means ‘man born on a Saturday’ and could be your new weekend favourite, a chief associate for relaxation and leisure times. The crisp citrus top note blended with the tangy spearmint intermingles with the delicate spice of nutmeg. Fresh and invigorating, this is a unique aftershave cologne with staying power. It leaves a mellow fragrance of orange, mint and light spice from dawn till dusk. Soothe the body, relax the mind and satisfy your sporty, energetic self with a clear conscience. Retaining our founder’s ethics, all Dolma colognes are vegan and cruelty-free – and made with least possible effect on the environment. Splash on to your palms, gently apply to your face and allow the cologne to settle on your skin. Why not try all four colognes and alternate to suit the occasion.


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