Best Vegan Restaurants for 2020

Did you know that 1-in-8 Britons now identify as vegetarian or vegan? Veganuary achieved it’s the highest number of sign-ups this year. Vegan takeaways were the fastest growing food trend in 2019 and a growing awareness of climate change are all helping to ‘veganize’ the UK. This is great news for British vegans everywhere. 

We have since seen a rise in the number of vegan products available in supermarkets. And now there are vegan restaurants, cafes, bars and even hotels popping up all over the country.

You may be thinking what are the best vegan restaurants in the UK? A special place you could wine and dine at with your special loved one, friend or family, 100% vegan. In this article, we explore the best vegan restaurants in the UK this year.

The Allotment Vegan Eatery, Manchester 

It’s about time Manchester caught up with other major cities with their vegan offering. The Allotment Vegan Eatery is a superb start! Head Chef and Owner, Matthew Nutter, first opened his Manchester restaurant after huge success with the same-named restaurant in Stockport (Cheshire). 

The restaurant’s quick success and popularity in Stockport resulted in an opportunity to move to the city of Manchester. The restaurant was even named The Sunday Times Best Vegetarian Restaurant of 2019. 

The Allotment offers vegans a fine dining experience with an exquisite menu. It serves up Tofu Ramen, Jackfruit Tacos, Salt & Pepper Tofu Laska and Fish and Chips just to name a few. There is a touch of brilliance is every dish Matthew and his team serves. It makes for the perfect venue for a romantic and incredibly tasty Valentine’s Day this year.

Suncraft, Bristol

Suncraft is a cosy little restaurant nestled within Bristol city centre. It offers wholesome feel-good foods that are perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal. The restaurant opened back in 2018 and has gone from strength to strength focusing on health-focused delicious vegan foods.

The menu includes dishes like an Ethiopian stew, cashew & courgette kofta, coconut Laska, saag tofu and sweet potato & tempeh balls. The restaurant itself is brightly decorated with a slightly retro feel filled with light wooded furniture and house plants.

To top it all off the restaurant works with the bottled water company Belu which helps to donate a portion of each bill to Wateraid.

Simpsons, Birmingham

Technically not a fully vegan restaurant but Simpsons does offer one of the most insanely delicious vegan tasting menus in the country. In the kitchen, you will find the very well accomplished chef director Luke Tipping and Masterchef’s Leo Kattou who featured as a contestant on the show. 

Together they have managed to create a wonderful vegan offering which varies depending on the season and availability of foods. It’s not every day a vegan can head to a Michelin star restaurant and get fed properly.

The 7-course plant-based menu at Simpsons is mouthwatering. It includes a pearl barley risotto, roasted muscade pumpkin, Yorkshire rhubarb topped off with chocolate hazelnut mousse. This one requires a fancy dress and your favourite vegan perfume. 

Anna Loka, Cardiff

Welcome to Cardiff’s first-ever 100% vegan restaurant, Anna Loka. The atmosphere here is relaxed and the service is warm and inviting. The opening of Anna Loka was possible thanks to the head chef from Cafe Atma, an ex-Hare Krishna monk and a band of crowdfunders.

The restaurant now sits at the end of Albany Road in Cardiff serving up delicious vegan food such as Krishna’s mighty whole foods bowl, rodeo burger and Pad Thai. You can expect big portion sizes and great value for money plus delicious and innovative plant-based foods.

Hendersons, Edinburgh

Hendersons is a beautiful vegan restaurant offering up a tasty vegan menu this Valentine’s Day. Food includes a vegan haggis with mash & red wine gravy and jackfruit tomato & coconut stew.

The restaurant is nestled on the cobbled Thistle Street right in the heart of Edinburgh. Everything in Hendersons is 100% vegan from the food to the beer and wine. If you are looking for a cosy romantic spot this Valentine’s Day, Henderson’s is a great choice.

Mildred’s, London

We couldn’t leave the capital city off the list, could we? Of course not! Mildred’s is a popular restaurant with local vegans and vegetarians serving up some delicious plant-based dishes in the centre of London’s Soho area. 

The food here is fresh and colourful using organic ingredients as much as possible. Set in a beautiful 18th-century townhouse, Mildred’s is a romantic spot for Valentine’s Day. The menu includes some tasty dishes including charred artichoke, gyoza dumplings, a number of delicious vegan burgers, a mock-duck Vietnamese Bahn Mi, gochujang tofu and parsnip apple sausages.

You can also find Mildred’s restaurants in Camden, King’s Cross and Dalston.

Purezza, Brighton

Brighton’s incredible vegan scene is not without some incredible vegan restaurants. Purezza is just that serving up some of the best vegan pizza you will ever eat. They call themselves the ‘plant pioneers’ and it hard to argue with them.

Purezza is a great place for a relaxed and fun Valentine’s Day date. On the menu this Valentine’s Day you will find ‘The Hearty One’, a heart-shaped pizza topped with their own artisan mozzarella and any three toppings. If you don’t fancy a pizza maybe you can be tempted by their ‘Truffle Lasagna’. Vegan bechamel cheese sauce and truffle-infused ragu. Dessert? Strawberry cheesecake with mango sauce. 

If you want to treat a vegan loved one then Purezza is the place to be this Valentine’s Day. You can also find Purezza in Camden, London.

Farmacy, London

This one is for all the eco-conscious, planet-loving health vegans out there. Farmacy is 100% plant-based restaurant based in Notting Hill that serves food all grown on their organic farm or from other local organic farms. All the food here is free from meat, dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals.

Not only is Farmacy a beautifully decorated restaurant that exudes elegance its food is simply sublime. Expect to see on the menu a number of innovative and healthy dishes. The Japanese Bowl for example – made up with sticky sprouted rice, pickled radish with arame, carrot kinpira, pan-fried kale, daikon kimchi and chilli miso dip. Stunning! 

Classic dishes include the ‘Got No Beef’ burger, chef’s curry, Farmacy lasagne and loaded mushroom tacos. If you are looking for a restaurant with jaw-dropping food Farmacy is the perfect Valentine’s Day restaurant. You will need your best shirt and favourite vegan aftershave for this one.

Cafe Kino, Bristol

100% vegan and 100% ethical. Cafe Kino is a great little vegan restaurant based in Bristol. The walls are adorned with artwork from local artists – common in a city with a thriving cultural scene like Bristol. 

At Cafe Kino, you will find that all the food is vegan, handmade, local and organic. Even the burgers are made with UK grown badger beans. The food here is fun and delicious. It offers up a number of delicious vegan burgers, falafels and snacks including a vegan sausage roll.

Cafe Kino is a really pleasant dining experience. You and your special loved one can enjoy each other’s company over some tasty ethically produced vegan foods.

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