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Amethyst Mist Vegan Cruelty Free Perfume

Amethyst Mist Vegan Cruelty Free Perfume


An enduring perfume over a woody base, Amethyst Mist is a beautifully rich perfume encouraging relaxation and calm. Floral and citrus notes are intertwined with a subtle addition Founder Jim Payne chose a compassionate name for this classy fragrance. of mandarin and vetivert for earthiness and grounding. Amethyst stones are natural stress relievers with healing properties that banish negative energy and encourage inner strength, wealth, and clarity of mind. Sandalwood and cedarwood form the base notes while vetivert acts as the strong fixative, helping the blended citrus and floral fragrances slowly release onto the skin creating a lasting fragrance. Vetivert is sometimes known as the oil of tranquility making it the perfect fragrance for restful breaks and that holiday state of mind.


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