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Mens Vegan Imagine Cruelty Free Aftershave / Cologne

Mens Vegan Imagine Cruelty Free Aftershave / Cologne


This aftershave cologne is a unique fragrance, a fresh, modern classic. Imagine is a masculine scent we’ve updated for today’s generation. Like the whole Dolma range, Imagine is created without cruelty and with compassion for all living beings. Following the ethics of our founder, Jim Payne, we leave out animal ingredients, reject animal testing and put in essential ingredients to give you a wooded and spicy scent to last for hours. This aftershave began as a unisex fragrance called Quintet (as a musician, Jim loved musically inspired names). He then revised the formula to create Imagine as a defined masculine aftershave. Imagine is now a contemporary, strong, dark, earthy scent with a hint of musk, a trace of sweetness and an intensity that stays with you from day to evening. Splash on in the morning to complement your formal or professional wear or save for evening times. Try the handy trial size set if you’re looking for a different fragrance.

Ingredients: Patchouli


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