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Sarabande Vegan Cruelty Free Perfume

Sarabande Vegan Cruelty Free Perfume


With its roots founded in compassion, the intensely aromatic Sarabande is a timeless fragrance, distinctively spiced with a touch of floral thanks to a blend of geranium, ginger, vetivert and ylang ylang. Inspiration for the name of this exotic fragrance comes from a slow and graceful dance composed by Handel – the Sarabande. Jim Payne, Dolma’s founder, added his musical inspiration into the names for his perfumes along with his talent for creating vegan fragrances women love. Sarabande is one of Jim Payne’s earliest cruelty-free perfumes, made for family and friends and later advertised and sold to fund experiments into the making of new cruelty-free and vegan perfumes. Gently made in Britain with respect for people, animals and our planet.


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