Easy Plant-Based Meals

I meet a lot of people who understand the environmental, health and animal welfare benefits of a plant based diet. However they aren’t able to make it a substantial part of their lives. One of the things I think is the most challenging is really only a matter of what does a plant-based meal look like? What meals can you make? Is it easy? What ingredients do we use?

While its quite obvious that it omits animal-based ingredients, a lot of people envision a salad and some cardboard. The reality is quite different. While being a vegan 10 years ago was a challenge and required a lot of creativity in the kitchen, in 2019 it is easier than ever. You can enjoy cheap delicious plant-based meals and if you can afford it, opt to use all the incredible alternatives available in the supermarkets. The Volife cheese range, the Impossible Burger and all the condiments you can think of are ready and available. The Hellmans Vegan Mayo has quite a price tag but, if you love mayo and want to also be plant-based, then it is a great choice.

Roast veggies and…

You just cant go wrong with a good roast veggies! What’s also great about roast veggie night is the absolute versatility. You can enjoy it with a meat alternative, rice and gravy for a Sunday roast kind arrangement. Or add it into a wrap with hummus and fresh baby spinach for a quick and easy tastey meal. Add some sweet potato fries for a nutritional tasty plant-based snack. Another option is roast vegetables with some basil cauliflower mash, some Linda McCartney sausages and a fresh salad. Another great option is roast vegetables, amaranth and baba ganoush. The options are endless and so easy. We love roast veggie nights! Here are some amazing roast vegetable recipes:

Sauteed vegetables and…

Sauteeing, that is a quick light fry in a healthy oil is a great way to prepare vegetables. Use them in a variety of ways. Add some diced garlic, ginger and a little bit of chilli for a taste sensation. Add noodles for an Asian dish, or some pineapple and quinoa for a fresh summer salad. Sauteed vegetables are also great to be used in a Thai curry. You can also have them as a side to a meat alternative and a complex carbohydrate.

One Pot Meals

One pot meals are awesome. As it suggests, everything gets smashed into one pot and voila, a ready, healthy, delicious meal is ready. One pots are great for big gatherings, pot lucks or days when you are super busy. They are also great for cold winter days when comfort food is required along with a film.

Beans, chickpeas and lentils…

Beans, legumes and lentils are an important aspect of a plant-based diet. They offer a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals. they are extremely versatile. Combine them with the right spices and herbs for absolutely delicious, tasty and wholesome meals. Beans, legumes and lentils are the main source of protein in a plant-based diet. You can buy them in cans, or for a really cheap economical version, buy them dried and prepare them from scratch. I personally prefer buying them dry as I can prepare them to my liking but there is a cae for cans: they are really easy!

It matters what you eat

Eating a plant-based diet has some incrdible health benefits. My own life, my partners and those who I know who have made the transition are testaments. BUT, A diet focused on healthy whole foods is the only way to reap the health benefits! While eating meat and cheese alternatives are great, I do not recomend them as your main sources of food. Not only is it expensive to eat them with every meal, they are not neccesarily healthy. Like other frozen and fridge food at supermarkets, some have high sugar, salt and saturated fat. Check what you are buying first! Focus on vegetables, fruit, whoole grains, healthy fats, nuts and seeds to know you are gettting loads of nutrients for a healthy life.

Pinterest is the best resource when it comes to finding plant based meals. ANYTHING you enjoy with meat or dairy can be made into a plant-based alternative. Well, unless its a beef steak lol. Although, there are coompanies hot on the trails of devising alternatives for steak and even lab grown meat is being tested and approved.

Help the environement, the animals and your health and choose plant-based options for meals during the week.