Easy Veganuary Alternatives

If you have decided to give Veganuary a go this year then congratulations! Not only will the animals thank you but we’re positive you feel great as a result too! 

If you are completely new to veganism then it can be a daunting task to get started with your new vegan lifestyle. Luckily for you, it’s 2020 and it’s never been easier to eat and live vegan.  The number of vegan alternatives available to make your life easier has never been as abundant as it is right now. 

Giving up meat, milk, cheese and all the animal foods and lifestyle products that have been in your life since you were young is difficult. Here are some easy vegan alternatives to help you with your Veganuary pledge this year. 

Easy Veganuary Alternatives


Chicken – THIS 

THIS was co-founded by two friends who used to run beef burger restaurant together. When they realized they needed to stop eating meat for animal and environmental reasons they created THIS. A company dedicated to providing its customers with vegan meat products that match in texture, flavour and protein.

THIS vegan chicken is a particularly fantastic alternative to normal chicken. You can buy chicken breast type meat plus breadcrumbed and goujon chicken products. Continue to cook your favourite chicken meals with THIS vegan chicken. Some of their products even include more protein than regular meat.

Beef – Beyond Meat

If you haven’t heard about Beyond Meat yet then you must have been living under a rock in 2019. Beyond Meat is revolutionising the plant-based meat industry. Last year, they launched one of the most succesful IPO’s in the history of the stock market. Since then, they have landed a lucrative deal with McDonald’s for the McVegan product. You will find their range of products in pretty much every UK supermarket. 

They don’t just sell burgers either, they sell sausages and mincemeat making replacing beef easy this Veganuary. (Or most meals from now on they taste so good)

Pork – VBites

VBites have been around since 1993 creating delicious meat-free alternatives for vegetarians and vegans alike. The recent boom in veganism has created huge success for the plant-based company who are now expanding their range which includes pork amongst many other meat-free options. 

Their pork products, in particular, are some of the best on the market including pork pieces, chorizo, pies, meatballs, hot dogs and bacon!

Fish – Gardein 

Gardein offers a huge range of seafood products that can help you with any seafood alternatives you require this Veganuary. Gardein has been a huge success in the USA for a few years but is now available all over the UK too. Check out their golden fishless fillets and crabless cakes, both of which are delicious and easy alternatives. They look, feel, taste and cook just like the real thing. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to fresh fish alternatives the vegan market has not yet come up with a worthy alternative product. Smoked salmon is the only exception, you can now buy products from VBites that tastes just like smoked salmon! 


Milk – Oatly

The best plant milk is a hot topic within the vegan community and really depends on what you’re using the milk for. Everybody seems to have a different preference so the best thing to do is experiment with all the plant milks available until you find one you like. It’s worth noting that you will not find plant milk that tastes exactly like dairy. You should embrace plant milks for their own unique flavours and don’t compare them to dairy.

Most vegans will tell you that oat milk is the best, mainly Oatly’s range. But there is also a huge number of vegans that will tell you almond milk is superior. There are also other great options including coconut milk, rice milk, soy milk, hemp milk, hazelnut milk, pea milk, quinoa, and peanut milk.

Try them all out and see which one is your personal favourite. You may find that you like oat milk for cups of tea and almond milk for cereal and so on. You can purchase most of the plant milks listed above at any major supermarket. Hazelnut and hemp milk are a little trickier to find and cost a bit extra too. 

Cheese – Violife

Vegan cheese has come a long long way in just the last 24 months. It went from tasting like chewy plastic tasteless goo to tasting better than dairy cheese, it just shows what can happen with a little demand and innovation. 

Violife is probably the most famous and popular brand out there at the moment. They offer a great range of vegan cheeses including cheddar, feta, cream cheese, epic mature, grated and even blue cheese! It’s 2020 and vegans can officially say they have great cheese! Hooray!

Mayonaise – Hellman’s 

You may be surprised to learn that mayonnaise is often one of the very last things people give up before going vegan. The reason for this used to be that no good vegan mayo alternative existed. They were available but they never really did the job until last year when the mayo giant, Hellmann’s, got involved.

Now, we have Hellmann’s very special vegan mayo which is priced the same as the normal mayo and tastes simply incredible! Some say it’s even better than egg mayo.

Take Veganuary One Step Further

As you may already know, Veganuary only aims to get people eating vegan for the month of January but veganism extends way beyond what is on your plate. To take your pledge one step further why not try to replace some of your everyday products with vegan alternatives too? 

Shampoo and Conditioner – Superdrug

The Trichology range from Superdrug is one of the best and most affordable vegan shampoo and conditioners on the market. The range includes caffeine, lime and ginseng shampoo, conditioner and special tonic. Each one is priced at just £3.99.

Perfume/Aftershave – Dolma Fragrances

You don’t need to hurt animals to smell good.  Dolma Fragrances has the no.1 vegan perfumes and vegan aftershaves on the market. There is a wide selection to choose from including the most popular women’s vegan perfume, VegaMusk and men’s vegan aftershave, Kwame. 

The scents available include citrus, floral, spicy and woody. All fragrances are designed to smell, feel and exude naturalness. 

Moisturising – Caviar Lime 

The perfect solution for dry or dull skin. This hydra moist cream from Caviar Lime (available at Boots for £28) is a super hydrating cream that keeps skin moisturized for 48 hours. The cream will give your skin a natural glowing look, is vegan and completely cruelty-free!

If you are looking for more vegan beauty alternatives, head over to Dolma’s blog.

Good Luck! 

Finally, we wish everybody taking part in this year’s Veganuary good luck! Going vegan has the potential to help so many animals, your health and significantly improve our environment. Do your best to stick to it and always seek support if you are struggling!