Ditch Unsafe Cleaning Products For These Family Safe Brands

Eco-friendly cleaning products are becoming more widespread and available. Great news for us! We now have the option to avoid all those nasty chemicals hiding in our household cleaners.

But what to use instead?

Modern day marketing focuses on the idea that you need a different cleaning product for every different room and within that room, you need sub cleaning products for each different item. Think bathroom cleaning – basin cleaner, toilet cleaner, shower cleaner, tile cleaner and the list goes on. Quite a lot of fuss don’t you think?

Surely our grandmothers and their grandmothers did not have an entire cupboard filled with toxic cleaners? Nope! They used a few staple items that work.

Alongside some trusted old school cleaning secrets, there are now brilliant cleaners on the market that take out all the gross chemicals and use natural alternatives, kind to your skin, health and environement.

Lets look at some great brands and single item hacks.

4 Cleaning brands that are vegan, eco-friendly and safe for you and your family



If you just want to get the job done with no harm to yourself and your family at an affrodable price, Nu-Eco is for you. Nu-Eco is vegan, eco-friendly and safe. They are part of a bigger company, Skyhawk Global that also takes on ethical principals. This is the kind of company we should support. They have a wide range of products suited to any need. Their product range is available for commercial cleaning as well as home cleaning, Nu-Eco also offers refills – something we personally prefer than re-buying bottles.


Method is another great brand. Its fun and edgy. I really like the creativity behind the brand image and designs of the packaging. What I love about method is their policy on “modern slavery”. As a company, they aim to keep their supply chain clean and honest, that no people are exploited. This, here, is the future of conscious capitalism! Their range is standrad, everything you would need for a spotless home – even Monica would be satisfied. And the collection is fun and colourful – it may make cleaning a little more fun!


Delphis is a stellar brand. They are concerned about animal welfare, environmental impact as well as human safety. These are the ethical considerations we need from companies. They go beyond a great product. All their packaging is 100% recycledable and even better – its sourced from plastic in the UK waste stream. Delphis also offers work place cleaning solutions, a must for any company looking to take care of their employees health.


Ecover is the industry standard when it comes to a great cleaning product that is safe and ethical. They offer a solid, clear commitment to standards and where they are taking their company. Innovation with principals and ethics. There range is well thought out and appealing. They are also available widespread across the UK for easy access.

One-ingredient natural options

As there are varying degrees of lifestyle, financial ability and time, so are there options for cleaning in the home. You may be a full-time employee with a family of 3 or a just married couple. Your needs are each different. So if you are looking for as natural as it gets, this is the list for you. Each of these have been personally tried and tested by someone on our team so you can know this stuff works! Thanks Grandma!

Soap nuts

Soap whats?? Yes, this is quite weird but if you are all in for organic, eco-friendly, vegan, safe for the family and gentle on skin… this is your bag of nuts. Or berries to be exact. They are used to do laundry and work a treat. The only catch is you need to soak them in a cup or bowl of boiling water for 5 – 10 minutes beforehand. Once you get in the habit it, its really easy. Soap nuts are as green as it gets. Here is an amazing article by 1 million women about soap nuts, pros and cons.

Dr.Bronners Pure Castile Soap

If you are a one stop one product person then Dr. Bronners is a great choice. Its from the USA and around for ages. Dr. Bronners offers a simple ingredient profile and what people love about it is that you can use it for EVERYTHING. Clothes, dishes, shower and everything in between. They offer different infusions for different purposes.


Vinegar is one of the most useful substances you can have in your arsenal. From apple cider vinegar’s amazing health benefits to white vinegar amazing shining abilities, the applications are endless. Having vinegar in the pantry is a great eco-friendly household cleaning agent. Use it for: shining glass, no wax floors, descaling your coffee machine and soak to remove stains from dish pans. And don’t worry, the smell evaporates!


Another amazing all rounder. Baking Soda’s scrubbing abilities are mesmerizing. You know those hard to get burn marks from pans? Bicarb will do the trick! Soak it for a while and throw in some elbow grease in. Other uses include: a cup in the fridge to soak up weird smells, anything that needs scrubbing and polishing and tough stain removal.

Pro tip: add bicarb and vinegar in the drain to unblock it. Pour the bicarb down and vinegar, let it settle and then pout some boiling water down the drain. My absolute go to. No more dodgy environmentally disastrous drain cleaners!

Cleaning your home is important but it doesn’t need to be bad for you, your family and the environment. some of these products may cost a little more but at the end of the day, is your health, your families health and the health of the environment not worth more?