Guide to the Best Vegan Father’s Day Gifts 2020

Don’t forget! Father’s Day is on 21st June, and it’s just around the corner. It’s an excellent time to be alive for vegan gifts! There is now so much choice it’s overwhelming. There is a wonderful vegan gift out there for all types of dads whether they’re vegan or not.

So, what are the best vegan father’s day gifts for 2020? A vegan snack hamper, newbie vegan cheese bundle, BOSH! simple recipes cookbook, donation to a vegan charity, a vegan watch, a case of craft vegan beer, vegan aftershave from Dolma Fragrances, vegan wallet, vegan brogues and a Oscar neo slow juicer.

This mini-guide to vegan father’s day gifts should help to inspire you this year. We’ve included budget gifts, mid-range, and luxury gifts. Your dad is in for a treat this year!

The Best Father’s Day Gifts 2020

So, to help you out, we’ve broken our vegan father’s day gifts into three sections. We have budget, mid-range, and luxury gifts. We’ve mixed it up a bit with gift types and included some foods, accessories, cosmetics and more.

Budget Vegan Father’s Day Gifts

Vegan Snack Hamper from The Goodness Project

You can’t go wrong with a vegan food gift. Not only do people love to snack, but the vegan element makes it an exciting gift to receive.

This vegan hamper from The Goodness Project is packed full of yummy treats. Inside, your dad can expect to find 13 delicious vegan snacks, including chocolate bars from VEGO, artisan granola bars, and some juicy sweets.

You can also add a personal message and have this hamper gift wrapped. You can then send it directly to his door on Father’s Day via Amazon. Voila!

Newbie Vegan Cheese Bundle from The Vegan Cheese Shop 

Most likely, your dad likes a bit of cheese. Don’t we all? Well, it’s 2020, and now we have a wide variety of vegan cheese to choose from. This newbies bundle from The Vegan Cheese Shop is an excellent introduction to vegan cheese.

Each bundle includes 6 different Violife cheese products! Your lucky dad will get to feast on the:

  • Vegan Cheese Original Flavour Slices
  • Vegan Cheese Original Flavour Grated
  • Mild Prosociano Vegan Cheese Wedge
  • Creamy Vegan Cheese
  • Vegan Mozzarella Flavour Block
  • Vegan Cheese Original Flavour Block

Your dad can use them on his sandwiches, on crackers, his crumpets, or use them to create delicious vegan recipes. This cheese bundle is sure to satisfy any dad this father’s day.

BOSH! Simple Recipes Cookbook

This is great if your old man is new to veganism. Or if you’re trying to get him more involved with veganism. 

The boys at BOSH! Have had tremendous success with their YouTube channel and cookbooks. They even have a TV show lined up. Inside, your dad will get a ton of simple but delicious vegan recipes he can try.

Here at Dolma, we’ve gifted this book a few times to the men in our lives with resounding success.

Donation To a Vegan or Animal-Rights Charity

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give is a donation to a worthy cause. Many dads don’t need anything on Father’s Day, a call or your visit is enough.

Instead, why not redirect the money to a worthy cause in their name? There are many fantastic charities out there to choose from, including:

Take your pick! They’re all great charities that are doing incredible things for animals, people, and our planet.

Mid-Range Vegan Father’s Day Gifts

A Votch Vegan Watch

Votch watches are super stylish, affordable, and made from innovative vegan pineapple leather. The brand has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. 

You can choose from a huge amount of styles and colours for your dad. We highly recommend the Pinatex collection (pineapple leather). They’re high-quality and feel like a luxury watch.

Your old man is guaranteed to love a vegan watch from Votch. The leather is made from pineapple leaves that are the natural by-product of the pineapple industry. This helped to make pineapple farms more profitable and help reuse the waste created by the industry.

Pinatex is a highly sustainable and 100% vegan material. It feels just like real leather and is just as durable. Guaranteed to impress your dad.

A Case of Craft Vegan Beer from Honestbrew

12 random bottles of high-quality craft vegan beer. The perfect gift for vegan father day! This case has been lovingly assembled by the guys at Honestbrew. All the beers are vegan-friendly and delicious.

If your dad is into his craft beers and ales, look no further. Each case presents craft beers or ales from some of the most exciting and innovative breweries on the planet. Expect a mix of beer, ale, IPA, EPA, stouts and more.

Vegan Aftershave from Dolma Fragrances

We couldn’t forget ourselves now, could we! Dolma has a great range of vegan aftershaves for this vegan father’s day. Each of our aftershaves is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Our most popular aftershaves are Sirius and Kwame. Sirius is refreshing and invigorating. Kwame is modern, fresh, and breathes new life into the wearer. 

If you’re looking to improve your dad’s scent this father’s day, make sure you grab one of our aftershaves on the website. Look out for our 25% off sale starting on Friday 12th June!

Luxury Vegan Father’s Day Gifts

Vegan Wallet from Watson & Wolfe

Watson & Wolfe are a luxury vegan men’s accessories brand based in London. They make high-quality vegan accessories that look and feel just like regular leather.

Their wallets are particularly great, made from high-quality vegan eco-leather. One of our members of staff here at Dolma has had his vegan wallet from Watson & Wolfe for two years with no sign of wear or tear.

The lining of the wallet is also made from recycled plastic bottles. The brand is on a mission to provide high-end luxury men’s accessories for an affordable price—the perfect gift for this Father’s Day.

City Wingtip Brogues from Will’s Vegan Shoes

These brogues from Will’s Vegan Shoes are simply exquisite! Perfect for any style-oriented dad with an eye for fashion. The brigues are made using high-quality vegan leather using bio-oil from cereal crops.

The brogues are exceptionally comfy, durable, and breathable. You won’t notice much difference in the texture of the vegan leather and regular leather. The material works really well in the wet and muddy conditions also, which is a huge benefit when living in England. 

You can buy the brogues in tan or black and are suitable for casual wear or even going to work. If you really want to treat your dad this year and impress him, we highly recommend these brogues.

Oscar Neo Slow Juicer

Many of us vegans wish we could get our old man to eat more fruits and vegetables. Well, why not help him to drink his 5 a day instead? Oscar is a top-quality juicer brand, and the Neo Slow Juicer is exceptional.

With this juicer, your dad (or your mum) can make delicious healthy juices using real fruits. It’s effortless to operate and is a great first step to a healthier lifestyle that is fun. He won’t be limited to juices either, he can create all sorts of treats including date balls, (n)ice cream, and even hummus!

The Oscar juicer isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking to spoil your father this year, it’s an excellent choice. It’s more than capable of lasting over 10 years also. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Final Thoughts

This year, treat your dad to one of the excellent vegan gifts above. We now have a huge choice of great gifts to treat your dad, find the one that you think he would like the most and go for it.

We always find that food gifts go down really well. Aftershave is still well-received, and any type of vegan fashion gift will get you in the good books. We hope that the article inspired you for this year’s Father’s Day.

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