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How to choose a vegan fragrance

How to choose a vegan fragrance

At Dolma Perfumes, every vegan fragrance has its own special blend of elegant, cruelty-free ingredients. Our unique fragrances, are not available on the high street and won’t be found anywhere else as yet.

vegan fragrance

The best way to choose the perfect vegan fragrance for you is to try one our 12 piece sets available exclusively online. Here you’ll find a sample selection, that is made up of 12 small 1.8ml bottles, the perfect way to trial each scent.

How to select the right vegan fragrance for you

Ever enjoyed the smell of a fragrances in a store, only to get home, put it on and find out that it’s not quite right for you anymore? Whether vegan perfumes or regular high street fragrances, you’ll know how important it is to actually try the perfume on your body for at least day before you can make a final decision.

With our 12 piece set, you’ll get the perfect chance to try before you buy. In each bottle is more than enough perfume to sample our unique scents for many days, before committing to buying a larger bottle which we’re sure you’ll love! Our 12 piece vegan perfume gift sets also make the perfect gift for vegans too, for this reason.

Why choose an animal friendly perfume?

As well as offering elegant flavours and notes, our perfumes have a much greater cause, Dolma Perfumes is starting a movement. We’re raising awareness that not all perfumes and fragrances that people buy are cruelty-free and may have been tested or developed at some point on animals.

Most people make their purchase decisions without this knowledge, so our aim is to provide beautiful alternatives that animal friendly and cruelty free and raise peoples’ awareness around the issue. We believe that no animal should ever have to suffer to develop products.

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