How To Store Your Perfumes & Colognes To Make Them Last Longer

How To Store Your Vegan Perfumes & Colognes To Make Them Last Longer

We all love to smell great. That spritz before work or a hot date gives you the boost and confidence to tackle any situation. In fact, we could tell you 10 reasons why we love perfume, but if you are here, it means you already love your fragrance and looking at how to store perfume correctly.

How we take care of our vegan perfumes and colognes is absolutely important to preserve their contents so they last longer. 

Here are some easy tips on how to store perfume and cologne:

Your Favourite Perfume Likes To Avoid humidity

We know that the bathroom is a convenient hangout place for fragrances, but it is probably the worst place to store scents.

Humidity and heat both affect the physical properties of your fragrances and so alter the aroma. This is especially true with perfumes and colognes that use natural essential oils.

Please keep your cruelty-free perfumes and aftershaves in a place in your home that has the least humidity. Dark cupboards and sock drawers are winners but be sure to keep them upright.

Your Vegan Perfumes Like To Keep it cool

As mentioned above, heat can alter your favourite perfume or cologne. While taking it out of the bathroom is best, it’s also wise to consider what location to store perfume avoiding extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Areas that receive direct sunlight or close to radiators should be avoided. We like to store our perfume bottles in a dark cupboard, making sure the temperature is right – preserving your cruelty-free perfumes and aftershave for years to come.

What about during summer? Not to worry. The back of your cupboard should stay cool enough to keep your perfume’s ingredients stable and intact. Be sure to keep the bottle upright.

Don’t Shake Your Favourite Perfume or Eau de Toilette

Shaking bottles of cruelty-free perfume or colognes may seem like an intuitive must do to amp up the scent; however, it can render your vegan perfumes or colognes in bad shape. Scents have delicate chemical bonds that can be altered when shaken too much.

So while you tempted to shake the bottle along with your fave ‘get ready tune’, it would be best to keep the moves for the dance floor.

Furthermore, shaking produces bubbles that contain oxygen. Oxygen can agitate the chemicals and lead to oxidation and further breakdown of those delicate chemical bonds leading to an altered or weakened scent.

Keep Your Fragrance Collection In Its Original Perfume Bottle

Don’t decant your cruelty-free scents into other bottles. Perfume and cologne bottles are created specifically to keep scents stable and safe.

Even the pump bottle is made from special materials that won’t corrode from the alcohol content.

Keeping your fragrance collection in its original bottle ensures that your fragrance will stay perfume fresh, just as you remembered it back when you had your first spritz. Isn’t memory and scent so incredible?

Your Vegan Perfume Is Anti-Travel

Any travel will include unstable temperature and humidity variation – both of which can put your cruelty-free scents’ aroma and ability to last at risk.

Instead, opt for smaller bottles in your favourite scent. Dolma Certified Vegan Perfumes and Colognes offer a handy 10ml in perfumes and a 9ml in men’s colognes. Both ideal for travel. (and for getting through customs. We all know the absolute heartbreak of having to leave your larger size fragrance at security)

Remember we said don’t shake your fragrances? Travelling also means you can’t store your fragrances correctly. Opt for travel-size perfumes to ensure your full-size scent stays intact.

See Dolma’s range of vegan and cruelty-free perfumes in handy travel size or bundle it up with any 3 10ml perfumes or pair your favourite scent with the 50ml and 10ml bundle.

Should I Refrigerate My Vegan Perfume?

How to store your perfume is a popular question, but there is just as much debate as to whether your vegan perfume should be stored in the fridge. It comes down to what scent you have.

Perfumes and Eau de parfum are more delicate, whereas colognes and eau de toilette are more concentrated and robust, making them safer for the fridge. That doesn’t mean you have to store your colognes or EDT’s in the fridge, but rather that they are more likely to come out unscathed. For perfumes, a cold, dry, dark space is best.

Your clothing cupboard, back of your sock drawer or anywhere dark and away from radiators is ideal. Or, if you are a fine fragrance collector, a dedicated drawer in your wardrobe is the safest and most accessible place to store your collection.

Storing Perfume and Cologne Correctly Means They Last Longer

There is not just the financial and material reason for storing perfume and cologne correctly, making your cruelty-free fragrance last longer. It’s also about encouraging conscious consumerism.

This means that the things you buy are ethical and considerate to humans, animals and the earth. It also means that consideration comes into how you take care of your things and ensuring you get the most out of your purchase.

At Dolma, we want you to enjoy your fragrance from the start to the end of its life so that you only buy when you need to, saving resources and reducing unnecessary waste.

Dolma Vegan and Cruelty-Free Perfumes, Since 1982

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