Meet a Vegan – Amy Wallace

This week we chat to Amy wallace. She is a 22 year old Psychology graduate. She is an avid runner and yogi and if you havent seen her Instagram page then head on over. Her meals look mouth wateringly amazing. Another human showing that veganism is easy, affordable and delicious.

Name: Amy Wallace

Age: 22

Country: United Kingdom

City: York

Where can people find you?  @vegan.amz

How long have you been Vegan?

I have been vegan for 3.5 years 

Were you vegetarian before?  If so, for how long before going vegan? And what made you go further?

Yes – for about 3 years. I went vegan as I simply continued to find animal products less and less appealing as I learned more about how they were bad for my health, the environment, and how unethical they it is.

What made you go vegan?

As I mentioned, it was a combination of health, environment and ethics – it started with cutting out red meat as I discovered it was bad for my health, then as I learned more and more about the health, environmental and ethical implications of eating animal products I continued to remove them.

Has that reason changed?

My biggest motivation was initially health, but I’m more motivated to remain vegan for environmental reasons now.

What was your biggest struggle during your transition?

Definitely my family questioning my motivations for going vegan and refusing to believe it was something which could have a positive impact on my health.

What advice do you have for people transitioning?

Take things one item at a time rather than trying to change everything at once, don’t feel bad if you slip up, and find extrinsic motivation to stay vegan (e.g. for the animals, the environment) – you’ll find it easier to justify giving up certain foods as opposed to struggling if you’re only doing it for yourself.

What do you love about being vegan?

I love knowing that I’m living in a way which has the lowest possible impact on our planet, it is good for my health, and which doesn’t cause other beings to suffer needlessly.

Have you learnt any lessons/insights as a vegan that you didn’t before?

I feel like I’ve learned an endless amount of facts and truly had my eyes opened to the reality of animal agriculture/consumption.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about Veganism?

That it’s expensive! I would always spend so much less money on food each week than any of the people I lived with during my time at university. If you opt for fake meat substitutes that can be pricey, but if you’re using whole food sources of protein like lentils etc it works out so much cheaper than meat.

What is your favourite vegan snack?

Medjool dates filled with crunchy peanut butter, with a sprinkle of sea salt

What’s your go-to meal when you don’t feel like cooking?

 A tin of chunky soup with some hummus on toast for dunking.

What’s a pantry staple you never go without?

OATS – I can’t function without my morning porridge/baked oats/overnight oats.

Do you take any supplements?

I take B12 and Omega 3 every day all year round, plus vitamin D in autumn/winter.

Do you use any kind of superfoods?

I believe all fruit and veg should be considered superfoods as they all have a huge array of health benefits, from blueberries to broccoli! But for what would stereotypically be considered superfoods, I use acai powder and maca powder in my porridge and smoothies, but purely for the taste rather than to get any special benefits from them.

What’s the biggest food – health realization you had? (for example, you were not eating enough of a certain thing?

Realising just how much of an impact properly refuelling after a run has on how my legs feel the next day. I’m able to perform a lot more on the next run.

Has a Vegan lifestyle led to any other changes in your life?

 It’s led me to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in as many ways as possible – such as reducing my use of single-use plastics.

What’s your advice on handling social situations?

In general, just be positive to anyone who enquires about your veganism – whether they’re being rude or friendly – rather than getting defensive or lecturing them. For foodie situations, check out/contact the venue in advance to ensure vegan food will be available so you won’t have to draw attention to yourself/make veganism appear inaccessible when there.

How do you handle negative people?

 If you’re negative in return there’s no hope of getting anywhere – I just keep a positive attitude so there’s potential to maintain an open dialogue, where they could eventually come to understand my perspective, rather than allowing their negativity to bring me down with them.

Were your friends and family supportive? Or did they take some time to come around?

My mum was initially hesitant but is thankfully supportive now – I still don’t think my dad is anywhere near convinced by the concept of veganism. Apart from some light-hearted running jokes, my friends have always been unphased by it.

Do you encourage friends to try vegan food or do you keep it to yourself?  

I’m always trying to show other people how good vegan food can be.

Quick Fire round

Quick question and quick answers, just for some fun!

Fast food vegan or health-focused vegan?


Meat alternative burger or veggie burger?

Veggie Burger

What’re your favourite vegetables?

Sweet Potatoes

What’s your least favourite vegetable?

I don’t dislike any veggies but would never buy + cook cabbage out of choice –  unless it’s in the form of sauerkraut! 

Support all-vegan goods or boycott non-vegan parent companies?

Support all-vegan goods – show the demand is there!  

Anything else you would like to share? (this is an opportunity to share any information or cause that is important to you (competition your in, animal rights campaign you like, a charity you work with, patron, your own website/business etc..

I’ve just finished an undergraduate psychology degree, and I’m spending my summer working at Starbucks before starting a masters in September.  I like to spend my spare time running, doing yoga and of course enjoying lots of fab vegan food! I’ve always loved creating and posting about food but my Instagram hasn’t always been all about veganism – it’s previous guise was simply ‘amysfood’ and as my diet evolved so did my account – I also like to include more lifestyle content now too rather than just food! 

Find Amy on her inspiring Intagram page. She has been a great collaborator and a positive example of a vegan life!