Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Are you in need of some great vegan gift ideas for this year’s Mother Day?

If your mother recently went vegan or you just want to treat her with some vegan goodies. Whatever the situation, below is a list of great vegan Mother’s Day gifts just for you. It includes everything from vegan perfumes to vegan candles to a vegan purse made from pineapple. 

We hope this will take the stress out of finding a gift for your lovely mum this year. 

To help, we’ve broken down the gifts into four categories: Beauty, Home, Food, and Fashion. All gifts listed are the most eco-friendly and sustainable gifts we could find for each category.

Vegan Beauty Gifts  

Dolma Vegan Perfumes

Vegan perfumes from Dolma Perfumes and Colognes.

Pardon the obvious plug, but we truly believe our vegan perfumes for women are exceptional and make for a perfect vegan Mother’s Day gift. We have a wide range of beautiful scents that will satisfy any special mum this holiday.

Amethyst Mist, Anahita, Andromeda, and Compassion are our most popular perfumes right now. You can buy all our vegan and cruelty-free fragrances as individual bottles or you can buy a set. Each set comes with the bottle of your choice, a 10ml travel bottle of the same fragrance, and one of our special votive or tumbler candles.

Keep an eye out, there will be 20% off all perfumes to celebrate Mother’s Day. Don’t miss out! 

SkinOwl “Mama Bird” Box

Skin Owl Skin products

This is the perfect beauty box for your lovely Mum. SkinOwl is a 100% vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and gluten-free brand. To top it off, 95% of their packaging materials come from recyclable sources. 

In this special “Mama Bird” box they will receive a 1oz Clary Sage Beauty Drops which helps to deeply nourish the skin. She will also get Eye+ which helps to reduce puffiness and wake up those tired eyes. Finally, she will receive a bottle of Neck+ which is a natural skin booster and will help with any stretch marks.

Plant Apothecary “Regimen Reboot” Kit

PLant Apothecary SKin Care

Plant Apothecary is a completely natural, non-GMO, vegan and cruelty-free brand. They have an extensive range of beauty products designed to give your skin a fresh start each and every day. This special “Regimen Reboot” kit is perfect for any mother in need of some new skincare.

Inside, she will receive an organic toning facial mist to hydrate and nourish the skin. An organic makeup remover that will gently but effectively remove stubborn makeup. An organic aloe face wash to that is perfect for all skin types to gently cleanse the face.  

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Vegan Home Gifts

Dolma Vegan Candles

Soy Candles from Dolma Vegan Perfumes and Colognes.

Our beautiful candles are soy-based, cruelty-free and 100% vegan. They are the perfect gift for any mother who needs some time and space to relax. She can fill the bathroom with our vegan candles to create a beautiful ambience as she soaks in the bubbles with a glass of wine. 

Keep an eye out, 20% off all candles to celebrate Mother’s Day is coming soon. Don’t miss out! 

Panda Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets

Panda Bamboo bed Sheets

Bamboo bed sheets come with a ton of great benefits. Not only is bamboo material highly sustainable, ultra-soft and breathable, they also have natural moisture-wicking, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.

Panda offers bed sets made using 100% quality organic viscose bamboo fibres. This bed set is guaranteed to give your mum the best sleep of her life. If that isn’t enough, bamboo is also ultra-durable meaning they will last up to 10-15 years if properly cared for.  

Alice & Peg “The Calm” Gift Set

Alice & Peg Gift Set for Mothers Day

Alice & Peg’s gift set is carefully designed to give your mum a calm and relaxing Mother’s Day this year. Inside, your lovely mum is treated to Himalayan bath salts, calming face mask, bamboo face cloth, Coco Castille handmade soap bar, set of three calming tealights, set of two organic matchbox teas and finally a gift card you can personalize with your own message.

All items are handmade in the UK using natural cruelty-free ingredients and are 100% vegan.

Nought Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle

Nought reusable bottle

We love this gift idea for three reasons. Your mum probably needs to drink more water. It helps fight against plastic pollution. It will last for at least 5-7 years making it ultra-sustainable. That’s a winner of a gift in our eyes. 

This bottle from Nought is made from 100% BPA-free stainless steel making it food grade safe and it won’t tamper with the taste of any liquids. The bottle has been designed with sustainable materials that are recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. It also looks beautiful and stylish with its high-quality powder coating. 

Vegan Food Gifts

Bake Her a Cake

Vegan cake

One of the most thoughtful gifts for your mum this year is to bake her her favourite cake but “veganized”. Not only will she appreciate all your hard work and effort but it will also help her to see just how good vegan cake can be!

If you want to bake a vegan cake for this year’s Mother’s Day, check out this extensive list of vegan cake recipes on  BBC Goodfood. 

Luxury Vegan Superfood Hamper from The Goodness Project

The Goodness Project Gift Boxes

What better way to treat your dear old mum than with a big box of delicious vegan superfood treats? This luxury hamper from the Goodness Project is packed full of nutrient-packed superfoods to help your mum level up her health.

Inside she will get matcha tea, baobab powder, coconut oil, avocado oil, raw mulberries, raw chocolate and special beetroot muesli all packed in a beautiful gift box with ribbon. All the foods are organic, cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

The Vegan Wine Box Special Selection

Vegan wine box

The Vegan Wine Box is a vegan wine specialist that sells carefully selected vegan wines from all over the world. Each wine selected is guaranteed free-from gelatine, isinglass, albumen (egg whites) and casein (milk). The company is dedicated to ethical practices throughout its business and they also donate a part of their profits to animal charities and sanctuaries. 

In this special selection of wines, your mum will receive a random selection of wines including three red wines, two white wines and one bottle of prosecco. Each wine meets the company’s thorough sustainability and taste tests before it makes it into one of their special selections.

Vegan Fashion Gifts   

Evelyn Clutch Bag from Thamon

Vegan clutch bag

Thamon’s clutch bag is a looker and created from leaves)believ it or not). It is however elegant, minimalist and unique – perfect for this summers social gatherings and events. The leather is 100% cruelty-free, vegan and produced by ethical means.

There is a range of colours to suit any mother including black, green, brown and purple. 

Vegan Watch from Votch

Vegan leather watch from Votch

We love these stunning minimalist vegan watches from UK-based watch manufacturer, Votch. Each watch is made using a number of eco-materials including Pinatex, a by-product from the pineapple industry which helps to drastically reduce waste and keep the watches carbon footprint as low as possible.

There are lots of various colours and designs to choose from so you can pick the best one for your mum this Mother’s Day. Each watch is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and made from sustainable materials that are recyclable and reusable.

Final Thoughts

Buying a vegan gift for your mother has never been easier. These are just some of the wonderful options to choose from but with a quick search on the web and you will discover millions more.

We only ask that you always do your best to buy the most ethical product possible. Look for organic, sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free and zero-waste products so that your impact on the environment is small this Mother’s Day.

We hope you have a wonderful day with your mother this year from all the team at Dolma Perfumes!