The Dolma Cruelty
Free Pledge

Dolma is dedicated to producing fine fragrance that doesn’t harm a single animal at any time of creation, testing and production. We belive that animals have the basic moral right to freedom and safety. Dolma Vegan Fragrances offer mens and womens fragrances that are inspired by nature and respect the delicate balance and beauty of nature.

Our fine fragrances are 100% cruelty-free from start to the moment you receive your product.

Fine Fragrance,
100% Vegan

Al our fragrances come with a humane pledge. Each one is Humane Society certified. Dolma Perfumes are certified by:

Our main aim and focus to offer an alternative fragarnce for men and women –  ethically and morally derived to substitue the current fragrances on offer.

The commerical range of fragrances include unethical and immoral practices to create and test their fragrances, something that our team at Dolma do not want to be a part of.

Not only do these commerical brands use animals as commodities for peoplesluxury consumtion, but they also have little regard for the well being of the environemtn. Their factories employ basic standards to meet regulations but not for personal belief.

At Dolma, we are a small dedicated company that can track all our frgrances and produce them right here in the UK. We worl with companies we trust and are always reviewing how we can do better.

Where do our
ingredients come from?

All fragrances are made with fixatives. They make an essence linger – all day and into the night. While designer fragrance is made from animal based fixatives and compounds, Dolma fragrances are not.

We use synthetic compounds in our frgrances to make our products 100% vegan. We aim to keep the levels of these synthetics to a minimum without compromising quality. We comply with EU standards of safe ingredients and are always reviewing new developments in the perfumery world to see where we can improve and become better.

Somple people are adverse to the word synthetic, but in this case, the compounds are identicle to those found in nature and as mentioned before, we comply woth the utmost respect to EU standards of safe ingredients.

Where do our
ingredients come from?

Dolma vegan perfumes and aftershaves are a unique blend of natural essential oils with ethyl alcohol and perfumery compounds. Nature produces it’s own unique scents through essential oils. We never take more than nature can give and our ingredients come from sustainable sources traced back to origin.

Nature’s finest ingredients,
Earth’s kindest fragrance

We are a nation of animal lovers – 13 million, 46% of UK households have pets. We feel that the testing and use of animals in perfume and cosmetics is intolerable. We pledge to continue supporting non-animal testing and using non-animal derived ingredients when we produce our beautiful fragrances.

Like you, we believe animals should be free to live their lives without experiencing pain, suffering or exploitation. Our suppliers share the same beliefs and each ingredient is verified before we buy.