Plastic-Free Beauty

Its Plastic-free July and today we are going to look at beauty brands that are plastic and waste-free. It’s amazing to see so many brands making the change. And don’t worry, plastic-free does not mean skimping on quality.

I am truly excited to offer this list up. People are often shocked at the prices compared to commercial products however if you put into perspective, most of these products are used twice or even three times as long as their cheap plastic counterparts. You will save loads of money over time.

Another important point is that at the end of the day, cheap products wrapped up in a way too much single-use plastic is not only harming our environment but also loaded with harsh chemicals and toxins. Moving towards more ethical products support small business, are better for the environement and for you and your family.

La Nature Reusable Face Pads

I absolutely adore this brand. I always love a company doing things on their own. It means they are held accountable for the quality of one product so you better know these pads are going to be better than any cotton pad around.

A fabulous way to reduce waste as part of your beauty regime or add as a sustainability practice to your business.

Divine and Handmade

Divine and Handmade is a beauty brand that is making a huge effort to minimise waste.

Their products are lush. What one can appreciate about the packaging is that you can use all the jars and bottles for other things when you are done. Reusing glass jars and bottles in the kitchen is great to avoid plastic at home. You can use them as snack jars or store spices. And when you are all stocked up, give them to friends and fam so they too can reduce their plastic at home!

Georoganics Dentalcare

Have you actually ever seen much about eco-dental care other than a wooden tooth brush? Because until today I had not and this brand excites me so much!

They dont just offer toothpaste either. Mouth wash tablets, floss and more. Well anything you would need to keep your pearly whites clean and fresh. And the best and most notable part, its waste free. Its such a conscious brand. They dont use any single use plastic, instead offering their products in recycled glass and paper. love love love Georganics!

Skinowl Facial Beauty Bars

Looking for a no fuss way to clean your face that’s also natural and eco-friendly?

Skin Owl has your back. They only have 3 variants for your face but 3 that look fabulous.

They are created for your face and are gentle yet do the task at hand. One of the reviews suggested cutting them into cubes so they last longer. So they are well priced, good at what they do and last long. Hmm sounds like a no brainer to me?

World of Bamboo – Bamboo razors

This is for the men and the ladies. Consider how many razors you go through as a man? And ladies?

The razor department is a huge area of waste and can so easily be avoided. Not only are these bamboo razors better for the environment, they are also great looking, durable and effective. A great gift for your partner or an investment towards less plastic in life.

Ben and Anna Natural Deo’s

Products developed out of lack of offering are great. This couple noticed that there were no natural, organic, aluminum free deodorants that are also waste free and so what did they do?

Why start their own brand of course. The scents are unisex and you can buy them in singles or packs of 3 or 6.

Bain and Savon Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

This family-run business has a beautiful collection of all sorts of soaps for body and hair. Their shampoo bars and conditioning bars come highly rated. I am pretty excited to try them.

Bain and Savon also offer a small make up line includes a plastic free mascara. Pretty cool!

Kind Beeuty

If we are talking about zero waste beauty then Kind Beeauty has to be on the list. Why? Because their primary focus is to be a zero waste company.

They offer skincare, hair care and body care. Whats really amazing about them is that once you have used your shampoo bottles, you can send it back to them and they will sterilize and use them again. That’s the kind of companies we should be supporting. They also offer zero waste beauty boxes! A great gifting idea.

Angle Face Mineral Makeup

Angel Face was created by a great team. A make up artist and natural skincare creator. Their products are aimed at being as simple as possible, natural as possible and with as little waste as possible. They focus mainly on foundation, concealer, blushes, concealers and illuminators. If you like a natural subtle look, Angel Face Mineral makeup is for you.

Dirty Hippie cosmetics

Dirty Hippie is created by a girl in Australia and her selection is fantastic. She is committed to waste free and uses what she can find for shipping and uses as little packaging as possible. She is not only waste free but vegan, chemical free and natural, toxin free, organic and best of all, made with love.

She offers mineral foundations, BB creams, lip tints and waste free mascara, face wash bars and vegan moisturizers. Go check Dirty Hippie cosmetics.

No more excuses

If this is anything to go by its to show that there are more and more brands offering zero waste and plastic-free options for everything you need in life. There is just no excuse anymore to be loading plastics in your shopping cart.

As always, do what you can, where you can. That is the most important thing. You don’t have to go out and buy everything right now (unless you can afford to in which case awesome). Each month, or as you can, transition to plastic-free options.

Purchasing the shampoo bars may be a bit more expensive than your bottle now, but bars typically last the worth of 3 regular shampoo bottles. And the razor will last you for years to come. Investing in reusable face pads will also save you money and waste in the long run. A solid investment.

Dolma is 100% vegan and cruelty-free and is also eco-conscious. While we are still transitioning to being 100% plastic-free, the plastic on our fragrance bottles is 100% recyclable. All of our leaflets are printed on recycled paper using soy ink. We too are on our journey continuously trying to improve our product. Thank you for all the years of support.