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Womens’ Vegan Perfume Box Set of All 12 Cruelty Free Perfumes

Womens’ Vegan Perfume Box Set of All 12 Cruelty Free Perfumes


12 Womens’ Vegan Perfume, 100% Animal Friendly – The vegan & animal lovers choice.

Ships to UK / Germany / France.


Join the movement and help make a animal friendly future for all perfumes – find your favourite & trial all 12.

Why do so many vegan women & animal lovers buy these perfumes? Not only for their attractive and elegant aromas but because they know, they’re helping to change the perfume industry. Forever.

While other perfume sellers keep silent about how their products are derived & developed often using animals, we take pride in our Leaping Bunny 100% Animal Friendly accreditation.

What’s our mission? By making superior, beautiful and 100% animal friendly perfumes an easy choice, we’re taking the animal developed and based ingredients out of the perfume industry. Every sale we take away from our non-leaping bunny approved competitors sends a message, that people are demanding better for animals.

Established in 1982, we’ve perfected our perfume craft and have perfected these 12 aromas with hand picked ingredients.

In your 12-piece set:  Cushie B, Anahita, Prelude, Raga, Calista, Sarabande, Sonata, Amethyst Mist, Vegemusk, Keltina, Compassion and Andromeda. (1.8ml)

Use this to find your favourite and let’s change the perfume industry together.

Ships to: UK / Germany / France

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