At Dolma Fragrances, your values are ours.

We care about the welfare and safety of animals, proper environmental consideration and giving back.

Dolma Is a Climate Positive Workforce

Dolma is enrolled in an initiative with Ecologi, a company that plants trees every month to offset each of our employees’ personal carbon footprint. Our footprints are calculated by national averages with a healthy margin on top to surpass the minimum requirement. You can view Dolma’s Profile to see what we are doing.

“You’ll be funding the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Our climate projects include renewable energy generation, forest protection, and community initiatives such as providing access to clean water.”

For Every Single Sale, We plant a Tree.

For us, it’s not just about the tree. It’s about what that tree offers to all the life around it. Reforestation of areas that have lost natural forests is essential to preserving biodiversity and strengthening the resilience of our ecosystems. For this reason, we pledge to buy a tree for every sale Dolma makes. Where are our trees planted? Ecologi has partnered with incredible people around the world, making a difference. See all the projects we are supporting.

Our Delivery Partners

We aim to work with the best. And by the best, we mean people with a vision. Our delivery partners are committed to being part of the solution. They actively incorporate measures to not only ensure they are delivering our products to you in the most sustainable way, but also implementing sustainable projects within their own company such as cycle to work days, video conferencing over travel, working with other partners who are committed to sustainability and last, but definitely not least, ensuring the resources they use are minimal, ethical and sustainable. 

Our Ingredients

Dolma follows the strict regulations set out by Europe’s largest Fragrance Association – IFRA (International Fragrance Association).

IFRA aims to continue the beautiful tradition of fragrance within an environmentally conscious framework. See more about IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter.


We aim to keep our packaging to an absolute minimum. For this reason, we do not sell our perfumes in boxes but rather apply ingredients to the bottles – fewer resources and less waste.

Our perfume bottles are entirely recyclable except for the tiny pipette inside the bottle serving the spray function. Unfortunately, an environmentally sound option is not yet available. As for the rest of the bottle, the glass, caps and pumps are all 100% recyclable. 

Dolma’s candles are made from soy wax, the cleanest burning wax, and 100% biodegradable. They are housed in glass tumblers that are easily reused at home.

All of our bath and body items are in 100% recyclable bottles. If you choose not to reuse them for another purpose, we ask if you can please recycle them. Dolma has set out targets for ourselves, and being 100% plastic-free is part of our growth framework. We have recently updated our plastic discovery sets to FSC Certified cardboard and aim to have our bath & body range in glass with our next round of developments.