Our commitment to the planet.

Dolma is committed to offering you packaging that is ethical while also keeping your product safe as it makes it’s way to you.

We are continuously reviewing suppliers, products and packaging to make sure we meet your vales and ethos.

Currently the only plastic we use are the plastic boxes for our Discovery Box Set.

The eco-friendly options that meet the requirements set by our delivery partners have been limited but 2020 is looking promising. We are in talks with several companies to find the best alternative for you, the environement as well as our obligations for safe transportation of goods.

In the meantime, we suggest that you reuse the box once you have trialled all the fragrances – it’s great for jewellery, loose change or even keeping your kitchen dish sponge.

We appreciate you support and promise transparency and commitment along our journey to becoming better.


Dolma products are delivered in a ethically accredited recyclable cardboard box which is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved.

When it comes to delivery of our fragrances, our current range of single and double walled boxes are both reusable and recyclable.

We are also using biodegradable paper alternatives which will be used as void filler. The paper alternative to bubble wrap ensures that items are secure in transit, whilst eliminating the need for the types of plastic protective packaging that have damaging consequences to the environment.

At this time, our mens and women’s gift box sets are encased in a hard plastic box. As mentioned above, we are in talks with suppliers to change our boxes to an eco-friendly sustainable option.


Our fragrance bottles are partially recyclable. The glass and caps of the bottles are recyclable but to our disappointment, the inner tube of perfumes is not recyclable as the plastic needs to be resistent to the corrosive nature of being in the fragrance. All fragrance bottles with a spray function are in the same category.

We are also looking into different options when it comes to our bottles and will update this oage as we find alternatives that satisfy your values to be eco-friendly and sustainable while also meeting your desire to have a functional perfume bottle.