We know you care about the environment. So do we.

Our fragrances are made in compliance with The International Fragrance Association who set strict rules and standards about sustainability, fair trade and safety. All of our ingredients are sourced ethically and synthetic ingredients are rigorously tested by Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) who work on analyzing fragrance ingredients for safety.


Dolma products are delivered in an ethically accredited recyclable cardboard box which is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved.

The delivery boxes are both reusable and recyclable. We are also using biodegradable paper alternatives which will be used as a void filler. The paper alternative to bubble wrap ensures that items are secure in transit while eliminating the need for the types of plastic protective packaging that have damaging consequences to the environment.

A part of our Mission Statement, Dolma is working towards a plastic-free company. 

Currently, the plastic we have in our line is our discovery box sets. This was to protect the contents. Like you, however, plastic is not something we are keen on and are currently working on 100% biodegradable paper boxes that protect the content but is safe for the environment.


Our fragrance bottles are recyclable bar one element. The glass and caps of the bottles are recyclable, but to our disappointment, the inner tube of perfumes is not recyclable. The plastic needs to be resistant to the corrosive nature of being in the fragrance. All fragrance bottles with a spray function are in the same category.

We are also looking into different options when it comes to our bottles. We will update this page as we find alternatives that satisfy your values to be eco-friendly and sustainable while also meeting your desire to have a functional perfume bottle.