Our commitment to the planet.

Dolma is committed to using recyclable and recycled materials wherever possible to reduce waste and pollution. As an ethical business, we are continuously reviewing suppliers, products and packaging to make sure we run our company in the most eco-friendly way possible. We avoid using excess packaging in our deliveries to make sure we cause the least possible damage to the environment. We take our committment to eco-friendly fragrances seriously, reviewing new developements and products.

We have also looked at how we could make our bottles as eco-friendly as possible.

For this reason we have been thinking about alternatives and have decided to launch a new pippette style bottle that is more eco friendly and also reusable if a customer decides to.

We will trial these new bottles over the holiday season and assess whether customers find them useful or difficult to use. Help us by ordering a bottle and letting us know what you think.


Dolma products are delivered in a ethically accredited recyclable cardboard box which is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved.

When it comes to delivery of our fragrances, our current range of single and double walled boxes are both reusable and recyclable. We are also using biodegradable paper alternatives which will be used as void filler. The paper alternative to bubble wrap ensures that items are secure in transit, whilst eliminating the need for the types of plastic protective packaging that have damaging consequences to the environment.

At this time, our mens and women’s gift box sets are encased in a hard plastic box. We are in the process of seeing what alternatives we have to plastic but in the meantime, we hope that you can reuse the box or alternatively please recycle it correctly.


Dolma literature and leaflets are printed on recycled paper using materials that can be used when discarded. This helps reduce waste and pollution.
Instead of paper from trees, our business cards are 100% cotton and made from t-shirts by Moo​. There is no petroleum-based ink.

We’re committed to taking steps to minimising the packaging we use to help divert waste from landfill.


Our fragrance bottles are partially recyclable. The glass and caps of the bottles are recyclable but to our disappointment, the inner tube of perfumes is not recyclable as the plastic needs to be resistent to the corrosive nature of being in the fragrance. All fragrance bottles with a spray function are in the same category.

We have been on the hunt to find an alternative and have so far, only found pippette bottles. While the team feels its the best option and could work, our biggest concern whether they work for you.

Over the upcoming holiday season we will be trailing the pippette bottles and asking for reviews of the bottle. We hope that people will understand they are not as convenient as a spray but, with the environment in mind, we can adjust a little. Get your Christmas limited edition deisgn and bottle and let us know what you think.