Vegan and Happy

With all the negativity floating around these days, let’s talk about something fun and happy – 5 reasons we love being vegan.

We feel happier with what’s on our plates.

There is no question that meat is a more convenient form of protein but is the history behind that piece of meat on your plate worth it? The animal agriculture industry is scary. Long gone are the days of individuals hunting out of dire necessity. Long gone are the days when individuals that hunted had an immense appreciation for the life of the animal that they just killed.

Instead, we now accept factory farming—we forcing animals to breed consistently and taking their babies from them. We accept and defend it. Modern society protects taking freedom from those who can not defend themselves.

We now look down at our plates with love and joy. We know that the food we are eating has not taken the free will of animal for our convenience and taste pleasure. We see food that represents our vision of a world where compassion leads the way.

We feel healthier

Let’s clear something up. Vegans can be unhealthy. Vegans as a whole take a stand against animal cruelty, but what they choose to eat instead of meat and other animal products is up to them.

Some vegans are happy to eat meat alternatives and stick to the standard modern diet, and some are health conscious. These vegans make a concerted effort to make sure they are eating a healthy balanced diet.

At Dolma, we love feeling our best. We have made a connection that our life goes a whole lot better when we are eating well and feeding our bodies all the good stuff.

Converting over to a whole foods vegan lifestyle changed our bodies wellbeing to a level we have never experienced before. Our digestion is pretty much always on point, our skin looks better than it ever has and we have loads of energy.

Point being, eating a diet full of fresh foods and plant-based proteins make us feel amazing.

We are part of the change.

It feels good to know we are not taking part in inhumane practices involved in animal agriculture. We feel really good knowing that we are not just complaining about environmental issues but doing something about it.

Switching over to a plant-based diet (even to a predominantly Vegan diet) can have a massive impact on the footprint you leave on the environment.

  • Around 70% of soy is grown for animal feed, and soy is destroying forests.
  • Animal agriculture uses the most water of any sector in the world.
  • Animal agriculture waste is polluting our environment. It is polluting rivers, underground waterways and also contributes significantly to air pollution.
  • The food that’s being frown for animals could be given to humans.
  • Eating a plant-based diet uses far less energy and resources overall.

“69% of the world’s freshwater withdrawals are committed to agriculture. The industrial sector accounts for 19%, while only 12% of water withdrawals are destined for households and municipal use.”

Global Agriculture

We enjoy cooking a lot more

We have always been in the kitchen—a great relief for us a team who enjoy time together.

But since being vegan, we all agree we have explored the culinary world even more. Flavours and combinations have opened up to us.

When people think of veganism, they think limitation. But that is so untrue. Especially in 2020, there is more amazing vegan food than ever! When you cut out meat, dairy and eggs (quite a small number of options), you are open to the hundreds of different plant varieties and what you can do with them. Being a meat-eater, it was meat and starch and occasionally some veg as aside. Being a vegetarian, it was eggs, cheese, bread and some vegetables on the side.

Being vegan, we are open to so much more variety in our diet: Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, herbs and spices.

We see the world differently.

What’s amazing when going Vegan, that is removing the use of animals in all areas of your life. You start to see the possibilities of a world free of cruelty and suffering.

So many amazing alternatives to meat and cheese are becoming available. Alternatives to leather and fur are also coming out. I am so excited for the switch over to more sustainable, ethically sounds options for people to choose.

Moving over to a more ethical, sustainable world is up to each one of us. We need to stop letting the idea of alternatives turn us off and try them with an open heart. Swapping out animal products a few times a week for other options means you are taking some action for the world you live in.

We love being Vegan

We love living a plant-based lifestyle. We feel better than we ever have. We feel connected to nature and all the life in it. We see the world as a beautiful eco-system that I am intrinsically a part of. It brings joy, not sadness to avoid those things that people say they could never live without.

You don’t have to go all in to take part.

There is an underlying belief that its all or nothing. You are either a hardcore vegan or a hardcore carnivore. There doesn’t need to be a distinction. We should focus on the bigger picture—the welfare of animals and the planet.

So we encourage you with love and care to include some plant-based meals into your life. Start small, with a meatless Monday to a place where you can enjoy a plant-based meal a day. Even this done on a collective basis can have massive ripple effects for animals and the environment.

If you have any questions about how to transition or merely some ideas for plant-based meals, don’t hesitate to Dolma Vegan Perfumes.

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