Vegan Beauty Bloggers in the UK

Vegan beauty is on the rise, almost as fast as the food world. And can just say how excited we are to be alive at this time when new beauty and skincare developments are popping up nearly every day.

As women, we have an extra part in the use and exploitation of animals, and up until recently, there was not a lot of spotlight or pressure on the beauty industry to make any changes, But times are changing…

The following women show that being ethical and using only vegan and cruelty-free products can still produce amazing quality and the same effects as anything that is not vegan. In fact, some may argue that vegan products are even better. Plants are potent, and new tech is showing us just how incredible they can be. (Have you tried Bakuchiol, the plant-based version of retinol?)

Most of us love using reviews and comments about products and these ethical and vegan beauty bloggers do a great job at their reviews and offer a trusted opinion.

Go on.. follow and enjoy the following women who are fighting for the voiceless and looking dam good doing it!

Why cruelty-free beauty?

We all appreciate the necessity for vegan beauty products. We simply do not need animal ingredients in our beauty products. But why cruelty-free beauty?

Animal testing is dated and archaic. It’s not even reliable. So the best way to phase out animal testing is to do so through market demand. Purchase cruelty-free beauty products and show the market what we want. We can also join movements that push policymakers to start investing in alternatives to animal testing.

Cruelty-Free Becky

Cruelty-Free Becky is another great find. She has a natural softness and kindness that makes her easy to watch on her YouTube videos. Her YouTube videos are focused on all sorts of vegan topics from fashion, food, travel and beauty. Her beauty reviews are where the cake is at. She covers products, brands and has application tutorials perfect for make-up enthusiasts.

Becky’s Instagram is also beautiful. I love the layouts and enjoy seeing her feed. Her posts are diverse and interactive. It’s not full of her personality and style.

Becky states her aims for her reviews. Cruelty-free and vegan beauty, natural ingredients and clean cosmetics, sustainable fashion and secondhand / thrifting / upcycling and low waste living are her standards and ethics.

I really do appreciate it when a blogger can identify the requirements by which they review things. It creates trust in her opinion and added value that so many forgo. With the increase in fake vegans and false claims on products, this kind of standard is what we need.

Things that grow

Becca Brown is the lady behind Things That Grow and while she is not as recognized as Monami Frost, she definitely deserves a mention. What I like most about her voice is honest. We live in a world of perfection and Becca breaks those walls down to reveal women that are not perfect but beautiful nonetheless. A movement that is gaining traction among women.

Becca’s blog is varied in topics but focuses on beauty, whether it is makeup or skincare. She also talks about general wellness which I think is a topic that needs to be undertaken in our fast-paced modernity. We are so busy being busy that we forget to relax.

Things That Grow Instagram feed is a great representation of Becca’s values on being fresh-faced and proud. No hiding her natural beauty in any way. So many women suffer from acne and having someone as a role model to inspire us to be free is much appreciated.


Jaineesha is a top bridal make-up artist in the UK and Europe. She has featured in magazines and done the makeup for top destination weddings.

her passion is palpable. She started playing with make-up when she was just 10 years old.

Fast forward she started her MUA career at Bobbi Brown and quickly excelled as a manager. After years of working for a large MUA company, she went freelance and what a journey that has been.

Jaineeshas exceptional success is a testament to her passion for make-up and making women feel their best.

Jaineeshas feed is fun, light and educational focusing on vegan and cruelty-free beauty.

Demi Colleen

When we talk about power womxn, we have to mention Demi Colleen. She has a no-bull approach to veganism and also is open about her political views.

Some may run for the hills when they hear politics but Demi’s voice is needed. We too often shy away from necessary conversations and she is there opening them wide up. She offers an approach to educate and inform others on racial issues and biases. For change, we all need to be included in the conversation.

Aside from her work on Black Lives Matter and other racial issues, she is known as the SPF Queen. Get those 2 fingers of sunscreen ready baby!

Demi reviews all sorts of vegan and cruelty-free beauty products but her bread and butter are incredibly detailed cruelty-free beauty SPF reviews. We all know SPF is the holy grail of anti-ageing.


Emily-Jane or Em-J as she refers to herself is an award-winning highly respected make-up artist. One of the reasons we love her is her truly down to earth vibe.

She connects with followers and always has time to reply to a question you have.

On top of that, she is strongly committed to vegan beauty and cruelty-free makeup. She does regular reviews of cruelty-free makeup, and we must say, her recommendations are always spot on!

Em-J also does a weekly Goddess hour. Am hour to pamper and connect using her favourite vegan beauty products.

When we talking about vegan beauty bloggers, Em-J is up there in our basket of faves with her excellent and honest vegan beauty recommendations.

PS – Did we mention, her hubby to be, Henry Firth is part of the Bosch vegan food group. Vegan power couple or what?


An esthetician & makeup artist, Laura Jo knows what she is on about!

We love her approach to skincare: backed by science. So the products she is offering are not just cruelty-free and vegan but backed by science to actually do what it says.

She aims to break misconceptions about skincare and especially about acne.

Her experience is vast. She has worked in the makeup and skincare industry making her recommendations worth checking out.

Lauro Jo also has her business, Skinfleunce where you can book your Skinterview where she helps to identify your skin type and what products you should be using. Can we just say how much we love her play on words!


Ellie is a fun and lively, showcasing vegan living and cruelty-free makeup with flare.

Her feed is not just fun – it’s informative. She touches on vegan, cruelty-free and also sustainable, all important topics through her well designed informational posts. Who says education has to be drab? Ellie throws in colour and fun to her feed – a pleasure to scroll for hours.

She does regular reviews on beauty and also includes vegan food (any other vegan foodies out there?) so follow her now!

These are just a few

There are so many amazing beauty bloggers out there, we have only scraped the surface. But this is not to list them all but to showcase what can be done. It’s a showcase of the woman with ethics, standards and values about things that we are facing in this world. It’s a snapshot of the larger picture of what women can achieve in this new age.

At Dolma, we want to support the women and men that are supporting and creating change in a world where so many people are taking advantage of others, animals and the planet.

By supporting people like these, we are supporting change. When we use our financial power on goods that are ethical, cruelty-free and vegan, we are voting and call on change from other companies. This is how change comes about, by standing up for better choices in all areas of life as far as we can.

As women who enjoy skincare and makeup, we should be making better choices so that the companies can see that that is what we want.

Dolma Vegan and Cruelty-Free Fragrances

Dolma Fragrances is a 100% certified vegan and cruelty-free brand. We are run by women who love smelling beautiful but at no cost to animals, the environment or people.

Our vegan and cruelty-free perfumes are made right here in the UK and under the strict regulations of The International Fragrance Association who set the standards for sustainable and ethical sourcing of ingredients.

Dolma is also a Climate Positive Workforce. What’s that? Through Ecologi, our climate partner, we plant 12 trees every month for each employee at Dolma Perfumes to offset each of our carbon footprints. This covers any travel we do, our diets (vegan baby!) and even down to our hobbies. We are so excited to know that we as individuals are part of a greener future.

Through Ecologi, we have also signed up to plant a tree for every sale we make. Trees are planted via Ecologi’s various vetted partner, Eden Trees in nations particularly struggling with deforestation. They also support various Climate action such as building rocket stoves in Africa for cleaner more efficient energy systems and focus on education in communities – a vital part in the success of actions against climate change.