Vegan Beauty Bloggers to Follow

Vegan beauty is on the rise, almost as fast as the food world. Which is incredible! as women, we have an extra part in the use and exploitation of animals and up until recently there was not a lot of spotlight or pressure on the beauty industry to make any changes, But the times are a changing…

These following women are showing that being ethical and using only vegan products can still produce amazing quality and the same effects as anything that is not vegan. I myself love using reviews and comments about products as a way to hold companies up to their word and these ethical and vegan beauty bloggers do a great job at their reviews and offer a trusted opinion.

Ethical Bunny

Ethical Bunny or Svetlana Mikhaylova is a true inspiration. Before knowing about her story, I was attracted to her Instagram page with almost any product you can think of. Her audience is engaged and for me, that’s a vote of trust. Her blog is my favourite. She has a comprehensive shopping guide to every kind of product category and has well-informed posts on issues facing the beauty world.

Why is she different from the other millions of bloggers and influencers? – She has had first contact with animals rescued from testing. There is no more passion than from being on the front lines. Seeing first hand the horrors of what animal testing means Ethical BUnny is looking for the products and brand that are true to their word of vegan and ethical. Good work Ethical Bunny!

Vegan Beauty Girl

Vegan beauty girl aka Nicole is another stellar down to earn women parting some compassion and ethics on the world. I really appreciate her down to earth approach on her blog and Instagram. I always love seeing bloggers about sections and Nicole did something that is less than the norm: she listed her ethicals and values around being vegan and living.

When I look at her posts and read her blog, I feel connected to her ideas and views. She is not presenting herself as a supermodel but simply as an ordinary girl reporting on good ethics and vegan products. I loved her calling out brands that are just slapping on the vegan label for marketing. She does her research and brings us knowledgable feedback. This is much appreciated in the sea of questionable internet information.

Her Instagram is more focused on food while her blog has beauty, travel, lifestyle and food. While she is not focused on beauty alone, I appreciate her all rounded approach to veganism. Its a lifestyle, not just a diet.

P.S, she was shortlisted for the Health Blogger Awards, go vote for her!

Monami Frost

This is one badass vegan. She is a power woman making headway. Ok, I am going to list all that she is involved in, she has a successful Instagram account, YouTube account has her own clothing label and even has her own food joint called Frost Burgers.

Her YouTube videos are pretty cool too. She is laid back and offers advice and product reviews on things she uses and likes. She covers makeup, clothing and food (great videos of her cooking) and also sheds light on being a vegan mom and what her family eats as vegans. One thing I appreciate is her openness about what her kids eat as vegans. There is still a lof of misconceptions around being vegan while pregnant and with toddlers and kids. Having influential vegans showing that it can and is being done is invaluable to the community and truly inspiring.

Cruelty Free Becky

Cruelty-Free Becky is another great find. She has a natural softness and kindness that makes her easy to watch on her YouTube videos. Her YouTube videos are focused on all sorts of vegan topics from fashion, food, travel and beauty. Her beauty reviews are where the cake is at. She covers products, brands and has application tutorials – great for makeup slackers like myself.

Becky’s Instagram is also beautiful. I love the layouts and enjoy seeing her feed. Her posts are diverse and interactive. It’s not full of her personality and style.

As with Vegan Beauty Girl, Becky states her aims for her reviews. Cruelty-free and vegan beauty, natural ingredients and clean cosmetics, sustainable fashion and secondhand / thrifting / upcycling and low waste living are her standards and ethics. I really do appreciate it when a blogger can identify the requirements by which they review things. It creates trust in her opinion and added value that so many forgo. With the increase in fake vegans and false claims on products, this kind of standard is what we need.

Things that grow

Becca Brown is the lady behind Things That Grow and while she is not as recognized as Monami Frost, she definitely deserves a mention. What I like most about her voice is honest. We live in a world of perfection and Becca breaks those walls down to reveal women that are not perfect but beautiful none the less. A movement that is gaining traction among women.

Becca’s blog is varied in topics but focuses on beauty, whether it is makeup or skin care. She also talks about general wellness which I think is a topic that needs to be undertaken in our fast-paced modernity. We are so busy being busy that we forget to relax.

Things That Grow Instagram feed is a great representation of Becca’s values on being fresh-faced and proud. No hiding her natural beauty in any way. I suffered from acne for many years and having someone as a role model to inspire me to be free would have been appreciated. I am so happy to see influencers taking that view on beauty and being strong role models for younger girls rather than the typical mainstream photoshopped images that lead to poor self-esteem. Thank you, Becca!

These are just a few

There are so many amazing beauty bloggers out there, I have only scraped the surface. But this is not to list them all but to showcase what can be done. Its a showcase of the woman with ethics, standards and values about things that we are facing in this world. It’s a snapshot of the larger picture of what women can achieve in this new age.

At Dolma, we want to support the women and men that are supporting and creating change in a world where so many people are taking advantage of others, animals and the planet. By supporting people like these, we are supporting change. When we use our financial power on goods that are ethical, cruelty-free and vegan, we are voting and call on change from other companies. This is how change comes about, by standing up for better choices in all areas of life as far as we can. As women who enjoy skin care and makeup, we should be making better choices so that the companies can see that that is what we want.

Dolma is a vegan, cruelty-free brand with animals, the environment and people in mind. We offer lush fragrances for women and powerful aftershaves for men. Support us in taking charge of more ethical and animal-friendly fragrances.