Vegan Beauty Trends for 2020

The face of beauty is changing for the better. As climate change and veganism continue to dominate headlines around the world, consumers are demanding more eco-friendly and cruelty-free beauty products.

This created a significant boom in the number of new ethical beauty brands and new cosmetic ranges being introduced by well-known brands and startups. Everybody is jumping on the ethical beauty train aiming to fill the voids of products not meeting new set standards.

Many young Millenials and Gen Zers are increasingly looking for sustainable companies that are transparent about their impact on their health, the planet, and animals. Having a great product is no longer enough with young consumers also – ethical and eco-friendly practices are the new standard.  

This year, we can expect a lot of changes to the beauty industry that reflects this newfound conscious consumerism we are experiencing.

1. Cruelty-Free

The number one trend for 2020 will surely be the end of animal testing in cosmetics. Consumers are rapidly becoming more aware of the ethical implications with the beauty products they buy. Brands will, therefore, continue to minimize and eventually stop animal testing. The new surge in awareness will also call out to stop using animal ingredients in their products

This year, the cruelty-free cosmetic industry is due to exponentially grow. Many young consumers are now more focused on the ethics of a company than the actual product itself. 

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a huge increase in the number of ethical and cruelty-free cosmetic brands. Expect this to continue all the way throughout 2020. 

2. Eco-Friendly Products

This year make up brands are all leaning towards sustainable products. This is in a bid to supply the increasing demands of eco-conscious consumers. Brands are now focusing their efforts on production methods that have the least negative impact on our planet. 

Whilst the number of new eco-friendly beauty brands has increased significantly, this year you can expect to see a lot of the big-time brands committing to more eco-friendly business practices. Changes in production methods that help to conserve water, move to renewable energy, use of sustainable cruelty-free ingredients, and adopt eco-packaging. 

3. Older People Will Be Seen

Research suggests that older women over the age of 50 don’t feel “seen” by the cosmetic industry. This is set to change in 2020 as brands put more focus on creating a wider range of products that are suited to older skin.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the rise in beauty products that cater to more ethnicities, skin colors, and body types. However, older people have generally been left out of the picture. This year, expect to see many new beauty ranges being launched specifically for older women.  

This won’t be a focus to help people fight age but rather complement their age and embrace it. No more ineffective and misleading anti-aging products! Bring in the era of self love and acceptance.

4. Eco Packaging

The beauty industry is a major contributor to the plastic pollution issue. This year, get ready for minimal plastic-free packaging. The era of excessive packaging is nearing its end. 

An increasing number of beauty brands are significantly reducing their packaging. Think a simple recycled cardboard box with nothing inside but the product you bought. Many of the bottles used in the beauty industry are single-use, this will change dramatically in 2020 with recyclable eco-materials and refillable bottles becoming a focus for many brands.

5. Anti-Pollution Skincare

Just like we have skincare that protects against the sun, 2020 will see an increase in the number of skincare products that claim to fight against environmental pollution. Our skin is a large living breathing organism that soaks up particles from the air. When living in areas suffering from poor air quality, the skin soaks up these harsh chemicals and pollutants.

Pollution can damage, age, wrinkle, and even form dark spots on the skin over a period of time. The beauty industry will bring in products not to cover and conceal but revive and heal.

6. Personalized Skincare

We are all different and thus we all need different types of beauty products that suit us. Advancements in technology are allowing companies to now use our DNA to analyze our microbiome and genetic make-up to create the perfect beauty products just for you. It’s thought this technology will take off this decade in a very big way.

To help with the personalization of beauty products right now, technology such as the HiMirror is a smart mirror that can analyze your skin condition through advanced photo technology. The mirror keeps a record of all the different looks you have created and starts to decipher which ones look best. It can then recommend new looks based on what looks best for you. 

7. Vegan Perfumes

2020 is set as the year for vegan perfumes. Many consumers are looking to move away from traditional brands in order to support more natural and ethical perfume companies. Here at Dolma, we are incredibly excited to be apart of this new trend having supplied vegan perfumes for over 20 years to our loyal customers all over the world. 

Keep your eyes peeled for some big changes at Dolma this year!

8. The Fight Against Misleading Labels

“Free From…” “Organic” “Clean” “Natural”

These are just some of the terms marketing companies use to try push beauty products to the market and help them to appear ethical and eco-friendly. Unfortunately, a lot of their claims are baseless and just help to further confuse consumers about what they are buying. 

One of the biggest and most misleading marketing claims has been the fight against “chemicals” making consumers believe that any product with chemicals is bad and should be avoided at all costs. The truth is, whether a product is synthetic or natural, it is still made with chemicals. Expect to see a lot more demand for transparency and even some possible changes in the law to help define these terms more accurately.

9. Minimalism

Research suggests that young Millenials are using fewer beauty products. There are a few reasons for this trend including the focus on sustainability, health, and supporting a more natural look for women.

Younger generations are looking to simplify their beauty needs by using fewer products. Research suggests that 28% of women in the UK have reduced the number of beauty products they buy. The new generations want less but the products they do buy must offer real value.

10. Prevention, Not Repairing

The youth of today are now thinking way ahead of the game and looking to adopt healthy skincare routines from an early age. Brands such as The Ordinary are helping to promote healthy skincare regimes that aim to prevent future skin issues and damage. 

Gen Z’ers who are soon to be the world’s largest consumers is well aware that prevention trumps repair. Their focus is not just on beauty products either, it includes all sorts of healthy lifestyle habits including eating more whole foods, regular exercise, meditating, juicing, yoga, and mindfulness

11. Mental Health

Finally, mental health will start to play a more dominant role in the marketing and use of makeup. Younger generations are more aware of their emotional wellbeing than any other generation before them and they’re not afraid to express how they feel. 

This will be reflected in the marketing and new products being launched in the beauty industry. Advertising will include fewer models and instead, be replaced with influential people and activists. Marketing will carry messages that support healthy cosmetics use and support natural beauty rather than superficial and photoshopped looks. 

Do you feel it?

Do you feel the pull to taking action? Every time you choose to buy a product that is vegan and cruelty free you are voting for a better world. Each purchase matters.

Dolma Fragrances offers you beautiful fragrance, truly free from. Just like you, we appreciate the envrinoment and all those that inhabit it. And just lke you, we care about what products we use on our skin. So you can be assured that our prodycts are 100% vegan and cruelty free and safe for your skin.