Vegan Cake In The UK

This post was originally posted on August 7th 2019. It has been updated for freshness, accuracy and completeness.

Vegan cakes, desserts, and sweet treats don’t get enough attention. As a result, there are far less vegan alternatives for sweet things. We’re still waiting on vegan snickers ice cream!

Here at Dolma, we have a bit of a sweet tooth and are a firm lover of cupcakes, croissants, and other baking delicacies. We all have an inner pastry demon that requires satisfying every now and then. 

But, there is light at the end of the chocolate swiss roll! The UK is fastly becoming a vegan paradise, and this means an increasing number of places that serve vegan baked goods and desserts.

Let’s take a look at the best vegan bakeries in the UK and what they have to offer. 

The Best Vegan Bakeries Selling the Best Vegan Cake in the UK 2020

Vegan Antics Vegan Bakery

This small bakery in Kent is excellent and has many loyal customers. There are no boundaries in terms of flavours and designs. You can get your hands on

  • Beautiful cupcakes.
  • Chocolate cheesecake.
  • Cookie sandwiches.
  • Custom birthday cakes at your request. 

If you are in or around Kent, be sure to pop in!


We love Sponge’s enthusiasm for vegan cakes! They are not a fully vegan cake shop but offer a vegan chocolate cake and carrot cake. Available for order and delivery to anywhere in the UK! 

We want to try their carrot cake. It looks delicious!

Claire Elizebeth Cakes

We love Claire Elizebeth Cakes simply because she is a lady bossing it like, well, a boss! She has so many creative cakes available, including a beautiful vegan range. 

We are totally eyeing out the Harry Potter cake for our next office birthday party. She offers delivery within Nottingham, but because of the style and delicacy of her cakes, delivery outside of Nottingham is case by case.

Cupcakes and Shhht

Cupcakes and Shht are leading the way. Their cakes are bespoke, beautiful modern designs catering for any occasion. Anyone looking for a vegan wedding cake, this is definitely where it is at. 

They do offer more than just cakes in the baking department, so do have a look. They also sell at various markets and events across the UK so keep an eye out for them. 

Cupcakes and Shhht also opened a new cafe to support veganism, so if you are in London pop in and support them. Aside from their cakes, the food even looks great!


Located in South Manchester, Gorgosaurus offer something that we haven’t seen elsewhere. Delightfully colourful and fun cakes. Perfect for a kids party or a fun cake for grandma, Gorgosaurus cakes are a must. 

If fun and colourful is not your style, don’t worry, elegant and stylish designs are also available. Delivery depends on cake and size, but they seem to be flexible, so give them a call to find out.

Some highlights include the Oreo Drip Cake, Biscoff Cake and 2001: A Cake Odyssey cupcakes.

The Black Cat Cakery

Another Manchester gem, The Black Cat Cakery supplies shops, cafes, pubs and venues with cakes. Most of their cakes are vegan, but not all, so do make sure when ordering. 

Black Cat Cakery cater to people with specific dietary requirements such as nut allergies or soy sensitivities. A gem for those with those specifications. Head to their website to see the shops and cafes they supply, It’s quite a list! 

Some cake highlights include: 

  • Vanilla and chocolate marbled cake.
  • Carrot and ginger cake.
  • Courgette and beetroot cake.

Earth Cake

Earth Cake is a beautiful vegan business in Bristol run by two people passionate and devoted to veganism. Gerzson used to work in Michelin star restaurants. He then decided he would devote his time and skills to a more compassionate project and so opened up a vegan bakery. 

What’s unique about Earth Cake is that they offer an afternoon tea set. An excellent idea for a party or just a simple get together. They also create lovely wedding cakes and cupcakes. 

Earth Cake is only open Thursday to Saturday each week, so you have to be quick. They also provide catering and wholesale services.

The Vegan Cakery

The Vegan Cakery is probably one of the most well known vegan bakeries around. They offer delivery across the UK and can bake all sorts of delicious treats. But beware, they are busy! Make sure to get your orders in nice and early to get yours in time. 

They are also setting up at a few vegan markets and festivals this summer. Do check out their events to see if you can catch them. 

The Vegan Cakery is also an award-winning establishment. They have taken home the Best Vegan Dessert accolade at VegfestUK for the fifth year running.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is another inspirational story of dropping a soul-destroying job to follow a dream. In this case, it was to make the best vegan cakes and ice-cream in Brighton. 

Cloud 9 isn’t a fully vegan bakery, but they offer many vegan options and always have a daily vegan option. They also cater for occasions so get in touch for a beautiful vegan cake.

Naked Bakery

Located in Edinburgh, Naked Bakery is on a mission to provide the Scottish capital with beautiful and delicious vegan treats. Nake Bakery cakes are like edible art and are well worth a look next time you’re in the area.

The team at Naked Bakery come from a background on allergies and diet preferences, so have done their best to create a vegan bakery that caters for all. This means you can get soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and more options at request.

The bakery is also a cafe where you can enjoy delicious vegan snacks like a mac ‘n’ cheese toastie followed by a delicious vegan cupcake!

Cookies and Scream

Now ten years old, Cookies and Scream has been a pioneer of vegan baked goods and ice cream. Based on Holloway Road in London, this vegan bakery has everything from cookies to brownies to pies and doughnuts. 

Each product used the most beautiful vegan ingredients and are totally gluten-free. They also have a second vegan bakery named The Bake Shop which opened in 2016. You will find it a short walk from Holloway Road.

Vida Bakery

The Vida Bakery project started in 2014, dedicated to providing delicious vegan treats that are 100% gluten, dairy, and egg-free. One of the co-founders who happens to be coeliac and vegan decided that there were no vegan sweet treat options for someone like her.

Vida Bakery is the product of her struggle and opened in 2018. Today they sell a wide range of beautiful vegan cakes and cupcakes plus a wholesale service. Cakes can be premade or custom made on request for a special occasion. 

There are two Vida Bakery’s shops, one on Brick Lane and another on King’s Cross.

Vic’s Vegan Bakes

Vic’s Vegan Bakes creates beautiful speciality vegan cakes in Hereford and delivers up to a 100-mile radius. If you’re looking for a special vegan birthday cake, look no further Vic has got you. 

His cakes are simply stunning, just check out his Instagram page. He has everything from children’s cakes to elegant cakes. The shop is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 but can still order online or over the phone.

Rubys of London

Rubys of London crafts insanely beautiful and exclusive vegan cakes just for you. Just wait until you see their range of doughnuts and brownies, it’s gorgeous! 

Rubys has a wide range of vegan delights and can also provide catering for events and wholesale service. If you have a big corporate meeting and you want to turn some heads, Rubys has got you. 

You can also catch Rubys of London at Greenwich Market on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 5pm.

Clemie’s Vegan Cakes

Clemie is a passionate vegan baker who uses fresh, natural ingredients all baked from scratch. She creates beautiful vegan cakes for every occasion, including weddings and can create custom cakes at your request. 

Clemie’s also offers several dessert tables or boxes that are great for meetings or small events. If you need something larger, you can contact her via the website to discuss. 

Clemie’s is in Nottingham but delivers as far as Leicester. If you are further afield, you can contact them directly to organize a special courier delivery.

Earthlings Bakery

As you may have noticed, most vegan bakeries are in the South. Earthlings baking represents the North, based in Newcastle and serving the surrounding areas. 

Earthlings Bakery specializes in vegan cakes and cupcakes and is a family run business. They take orders for birthday cakes and any other occasion you require a tasty vegan cake. 

They are passionate about veganism and donate 5% of every profit to a selected charity of their choice. 

Cakehole Vegan Bakery

Based in Liverpool, Cakehole Vegan Bakery creates “boss cakes that just happen to be vegan”. They create stunning cake designs for every occasion, as well as cookie sandwiches and cupcakes.

If you’re after some vegan cake in Liverpool, Cakehole can help you out. All you need to do is contact them through their website or social media. 

Who will take the cupcake?

Go out and eat your doughnut hole full. These incredible establishments are doing an excellent job offering vegan cakes and sweet treats in the UK. To the point where we wonder why they even use animal products when cakes and treats can be just as (dare I say better) when vegan.

Spoil loved ones, kiddos and colleagues with these great offerings and show them what is not missing when enjoying a vegan lifestyle.

Where there is a will, there’s a way. The vegan community is showing that their compassion and desire will not stop them from producing lush, bespoke and delicious products.

Are there any shops or independent people offering vegan goods we have missed and should make our list? Please do contact us on social media and we will add them to the list 🙂