Vegan Cake In The UK

Vegan cake and sweet treats have probably been the slowest area to develop when it comes to animal-based alternatives. Well, when one compares it to the rate of alternative meats and cheeses it feels like it is lagging. A firm lover of cupcakes and croissants, I still find it a challenge to satisfy my inner pastry demon as a vegan. But, there is light in the middle of the pie! The UK is becoming a vegan paradise and this means more and more places are either dedicating themselves to vegan baked goods or places are offering a good selection. Let’s take a ride on the cupcake express and see what we can find!

Vegan Antics Vegan Bakery

Wow. This bakery in Kent looks amazing and many happy customers. There are no boundaries in terms of flavours and designs which is amazing when considering an occasion. If you are in or around Kent, be sure to pop in!


Loving Sponge’s enthusiasm for vegan cakes! They are not a fully vegan cake shop but offer a chocolate cake and carrot cake. Available for order and delivery to anywhere in the UK! I am very keen to try their carrot cake. It looks delicious!

Claire Elizebeth Cakes

First, I must say I am loving Claire Elizebeth Cakes simply because she is lady bossing it like, well, a boss! She has so many creative cakes available including a beautiful vegan range. I am totally eyeing out the Harry Potter cake for my next birthday. She offers delivery within Nottingham but because of the style and delicacy of her cakes, delivery outside of Nottingham is case by case.

Verawnika’s Raw Cakes

Artisan vegan and raw cakes. Need I say any more? If anyone doubts a “raw” cake then you have not tasted one. Not only is it a lot healthier in most cases but its really tasty. Verawnika’s delivers within a 15-mile radius of London Bridge. If you are in the area, go an check them out. They have whole cakes, celebration cakes and mini cakes and slices.

Ms Cupcake

The title is all I need to be convinced. A good cupcake is like a summers afternoon in the UK, except in your mouth. But don’t be fooled by the name of the store, their range extends far beyond only cupcakes. They offer layer cakes too as well as cookies, squares, muffins and more. Currently, their cupcakes and layer cakes are too fragile to deliver beyond the area of London but you can order any of their other items for delivery.

Cupcakes and Shhht

Cupcakes and Shht are leading the way. Their cakes are bespoke. Beautiful modern designs catering for any occasion. Anyone looking for a vegan wedding cake, this is definitely where it is at. They do offer more than cakes in the baking department so do have a look. They also sell at various markets and events in the UK so keep an eye out. Cupcakes and Shhht also opened a new cafe to support veganism early this year, so if you are in London pop in and support them. Aside from their cakes, the food also looks great!


Located in South Manchester, Gorgosaurus has something to offer that I haven’t seen elsewhere – delightfully colourful and fun cakes. Perfect for a kids party or a fun cake for grandma, Gorgosuarus cakes are a must. If fun and colourful are not your style, don’t worry, elegant and stylish designs are also available. Delivery depends on cake and size but they seem to be flexible so give them a call to find out.

The Black Cat Cakery

Another Manchester gem, The Black Cat Cakery supplies shops, cafes, pubs and venues with cakes. Most of their cakes are vegan so do make sure when ordering. What’s great about these guys is that they also cater to people with certain dietary requirements such as nut allergies or soy sensitivities. A gem for those with those specifications. Head to their website to see the shops and cafes they supply, It’s quite a list!

Earth Cake

Earth Cake is a beautiful vegan business in Bristol run by 2 people passionate and devoted to veganism. Gerzson, having worked in Michelin star restaurants decided he would rather devote his skills to more compassionate things and so opened up a vegan bakery. What’s unique about Earth Cake is that they offer an afternoon tea set. A wonderful idea for a party or just a get together. At this time, Earth Cake is only delivering their wedding cakes but are working on expanding this.

The Vegan Cakery

The Vegan Cakery is probably of the most well known vegan bakeries around. They offer delivery across the UK and can bake all sorts of delicious treats. But beware, they are busy! Make sure to get your orders in nice and early to get yours in time. They are also setting up at a few vegan markets and festivals this summer so do check out their events to see if you can catch them.

Cloud 9

Another inspirational story of dropping the draining job and following a dream. In this case, it was to make the best vegan cakes and ice-cream in Brighton. While it is not a fully vegan bakery, they offer many vegan options and always have a daily vegan option. They also cater for occasions so get in touch for a beautiful vegan cake.

Who will take the cupcake?

Go out and eat your doughnut hole full. These amazing establishments are doing a fine job offering vegan cakes and treats. To the point where I wonder why they even use animal products when cakes and treats can be just as (dare I say better) when vegan.

Spoil loved ones, kiddos and colleagues with these great offerings and show them what is not missing when enjoying a vegan lifestyle.

Where there is a will there is a way and the vegan community is showing that their compassionate will and desire will not stop them from producing lush, bespoke and delicious products.

Have any shops or people offering vegan goods I have missed? Please do contact me on social media and I will add them to the list:)