Vegan Cookbooks for Every Kitchen

Eating vegan is easy. Or is it? Modernity has born out of it fast food, ready-made meal delivery and microwave dinners. Kitchens are merely a room in the house these days.

The key to thriving on a vegan diet, or any eating plan for that matter, is getting acquainted with the kitchen. Buy fresh wholesome ingredients and get cracking! Put some tunes on, a podcast or make it a date with friends or a loved one. Cooking can be fun and connecting.

The thing I love the most about cooking my own meals is the point at which I eat it. The satisfaction that comes from enjoying a meal that I created myself is endless. Watching my partner enjoy a meal I made for him brings me a sense of joy and love indescribable. And that feeling is not reserved for housewives anymore. It’s open to women and men. I grew up with a dad proficient in the kitchen and I am quite lucky to say that my partner loves getting involved! My brother gets in there and my old housemate was a whizz in the kitchen himself. Men, the kitchen is open!

But listen, I get it. I know that not everyone feels comfortable in the kitchen, but with everything, it takes some time and practice. (and a few burnt meals).

Why cooking your own meals is important? (vegan or not)

  • Cooking is healthier: This is so important. You know what the makeup of your meals are so you can keep an eye on your nutrition.
  • You have control over the ingredients: No dodgy second-hand oils. No fillers. Poor quality ingredients or chemical taste additives.
  • It’s easier on the pocket: You can buy produce from local supermarkets, coops or if you have the blessing, from local farmers. Eating out or buying ready-made meals can add to the bills.
  • Fast food is cheap: Nothing fast is that great, other than transport and service delivery. Fast food is chemically designed to taste good and get you back in. There is little to no nutritional value what so ever. The new rise in vegan fast food is no different. (unless its slow fast food if you know what I mean)While it adds occasional convenience, it will not sustain a healthy plant-based diet.
  • You take responsibility for your health: Cooking is a great way to take responsibility for your wellbeing. And when you cook healthy meals, you feel good on the inside and it will reflect on the outside.

Here is a list of cookbooks to get you on your plant-based cooking journey. (or up your current game)

Some are for easy meals. Some are for comfort foods and some are for veganising any meal.

Thug Kitchen – Eat like you give a F**k

The title is appropriately aimed at millennials but the recipes are for all. Amazing food that’s easy and accessible. Vegan food has never looked this yummy! Essentially it is a cookbook about eating like you care about your yourself.

They also have two other cookbooks since the success of its first, Party Grub and Thug Kitchen 101.

We’ve crafted OVER 100 BRAND-SPANKIN-NEW RECIPES to show your lazy ass that cooking at home is cheaper, healthier, and an essential part of being a goddamn grown-up. This book’s also got shortcuts, cooking tips, and a shitload of pretty photos. Plus, we guarantee all these recipes are faster than delivery, so you can serve up some tasty food with simple ingredients regardless of how brutal your schedule is.

Thug Kitchen 101 – Fast as F**k

Vegan for Everybody: Foolproof Plant-Based Recipes

I love this book. They have approached it in a way that really does make the recipes and meals accessible to all. New vegans. Old vegans. New in a kitchen or maybe just a busy schedule.

The recipes are easy to follow and aimed at nutrition. Belgium waffles, to a classic
Gazpacho soup, Mushroom Pizza with Cashew Ricotta and Hearty Vegetable Lasagna

In Vegan for EverybodyAmerica’s Test Kitchen addresses head-on what intimidates people: finding great-tasting and filling vegan protein options, cooking without dairy, preparing different whole grains and vegetables, and even baking.

Americas Test Kitchen

Vegan Meal Prep: Ready-to-Go Meals and Snacks for Healthy Plant-Based Eating

Anyone know who JL Fields is? Well I didn’t until this book. She has done some AMAZING cookbooks, from Vegan Air Frying (huh what?) to Vegan Pressure Pot cooking and a vegan cookbook devoted to the ladies.

This vegan meal prep is the next thing since sliced bread! It helps you to plan and prepare meals that are healthy and delicious.

This book is more for snacks and on the go meals rather than dinner unzip the pants a bit kind of meal. More for busy on the go people or those travel a lot and need to plan and prepare.

Vegan Meal Prep is the ultimate life-hack for ready-to-go plant-based meals any day of the week. A little meal prep goes a long way to simplifying the plant-based diet. Vegan Meal Prep makes sure that you always have healthy, portion-controlled meals and snacks ready-to-go 

Vegan Meal Prep

Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes to Feed Your Face

Comfort food. Its hard to find someone who doesn’t love the occasional comfort food binge.

Lauren Toyota, host of her YouTube Channel, Hot For Food, creates an epic recipe book full of plant based comfort foods.

This recipe book will fit well into any kitchen collection. Perfect for date nights, casual dinner with friends or when you had a bad day at work and want to eat your feelings (plant-based style).

The result is indulgent, craveworthy food – like Southern Fried Cauliflower, The Best Vegan Ramen, and Raspberry Funfetti Pop Tarts – made for sharing with friends at weeknight dinners, weekend brunches, and beyond.

Hot Food Blog

Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, and Southern Flavors Remixed

One thing I really love about veganism is its versatility across different cuisines. Italian, Indian, Asian and thanks to Byrant, African, Caribbean and Southern.

Bryant Terry creates a mouthwatering collection of recipes that draw on so many different flavours and combinations to create meals that will convert even the heaviest of meat eaters.

Food is about flavours and most of all passion. This book combines it all. A must have to spice up your recipe repertoire.

Check out his website for his other amazing cookbooks.

Bryant Terry is a James Beard Award-winning chef, educator, and author renowned for his activism to create a healthy, just, and sustainable food system.

Bryant Terry About

15 Minute Vegan: Fast, Modern Vegan Cooking

The list will not be complete without Katy Beskow’s 15 minute vegan .

A firm favourite in the vegan world, it has amazing quick and easy recipes for vegans to enjoy.

This kind of cooking makes living the vegan diet a lot easier and accessible. Fun, delicious recipes that anyone can make.

Katy also has 2 other amazing recipe books, 15 minute vegan comfort food and 15 minute vegan on a budget. All great titles and widely popular among vegans.

I help people learn simple, delicious vegan recipes that save them time and money, so they can live the lifestyle that’s right for them without sacrificing their enjoyment of food.

Katy Beskow

Getting Cracking!

Armed with some great recipes you can now go enjoy some amazing plant-based meals. This is not reserved for vegans but to anyone that wants to reduce their intake of meat, dairy and other animal products.

Share it with friends, family and loved ones! Its not about everyone becoming vegan but doing what you can where you can, and if that means meat free Mondays (and Wednesdays and Sundays) then thats great!

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