Vegan Gifts For Any Occasion

Buying vegan and ethical gifts used to be a difficult task but these days it is easier than ever.

Here is a list of categories of gifts. Beauty, clothing, ethical reusable items, vegan treats and more. Most companies sell online these days so a simple google searches and you can find anything within these categories.

What to look out for when buying gifts for vegans

When buying vegans gifts there are definitely things to look out for and avoid. Some things are pretty obvious but others not so much.

  • Leather or any animal skin
  • Non-vegan food – meat, dairy, dairy proteins or any other animals derived products
  • Shoes that contain glue made with animal-derived glue.
  • Anything with beeswax or honey
  • Beauty products with animal-derived ingredients

Vegan beauty products

Vegan body care products are a great gift to buy a vegan. If you know that the make-up, facial care or even if it’s just a man who likes to take care of himself then vegan beauty and body care products are great.

Big companies like Lush and body shop are offering loads of amazing vegan options. There are also more and more vegan brands offering quality vegan make-up and body care.

What’s also becoming more available is men’s body and facial care products that are vegan and cruelty-free. Nothing like an ethical man!

Vegan gifts for Her

Vegan gifts for Him

Reusable items

Vegans are passionate about animals but they also passionate about the environment. Avoiding single-use plastics and containers are a great way to reduce your footprint. Any vegan or environmentally geared person would love any of these. There are some great products available these days. Reusable straws (pasta straws, paper straws, stainless steel and glass), eating utensils, lunchboxes and stasher bags. All reducing plastic consumption significantly. And make no mistake, these products are well made and last.

Vegan Clothing and shoes

Excluding leather and fur are pretty simple things to avoid for vegans but there are other ingredients lurking in clothing such as animal-based glues that are used in footwear.

But don’t sweat it, there are some incredible vegan clothing brands that are changing the way. Wills Vegan Store, Bourgeois Boheme, Dinomadic Sunglasses, Aubry Vegan Watches as well Stella McCartney are such stores making big waves in the industry.

Vegan treats

I don’t think I have ever met a vegan that will not appreciate some vegan treats. Birthdays, holidays, dinner gifts and whatever else, you just can’t go wrong with a box of vegan chocolates or better yet a monthly subscription to a box of vegan treats. Vegan

What’s also handy to know are the food products that are accidentally vegan, like Oreos Original, Mc Vities Ginger nuts, Bel Vita Breakfast Tops, Fox’s Chunky Cookies and more. Knowing whats available means you can pick up a quick treat for a vegan.

Kitchen tools

If you looking for a gift for a big occasion, look no further. Not all vegans like to cook but for those who do, any one of these gifts will take their cooking game to the next level. All these items open the door to so many options and variations in the culinary world. Prepare to be someone’s favourite person.

The Nutribullet is a standard favourite, you can make so many amazing things (hummus). The Tofu box is not a new invention but its a new kid on the block in terms of veganism. It’s a great tool. You can make your own tofu from scratch. Having tried tofu in Asia, store-bought tofu in the west hardly ever compares. Now it’s possible to make fresh tofu at home.

Gift vouchers

Sometimes you have to buy a gift for people that you can just not gauge what to buy, or they seem to already have everything. The best gift, in my opinion, would be a gift card.

There is some stigma against gift cards but at the end of the day that person can buy something for themselves that they really need or had their eye on for some time.

There are some great gift card options:

Support them

Don’t know what to gift a vegan partner, family member or friend? Why not join them in their stance against animal cruelty and environmental degradation by going vegan with them for a week or once a week as part of your new routine?

Being vegan is sometimes a case of “how to lose friends and alienate people”. Not because we want to but because there seems to be a definite line of us and them. I think its at fault of both parties and I hope that the future will see everyone working rather than supporting segregation. No one enjoys being outcasted so for a friend or family member and better yet a spouse to join us is the best gift ever. Showing support to the people you love is the best gift ever. No blender or faux fur coat could ever replace that.