Vegan Gifts for Christmas 2019

Christmas is here! Well, nearly anyway. So it’s time to start shopping for Christmas gifts unless you are one of those people who starts their Christmas shopping in October, then you’re probably already done. 

There has never been a better year for vegan gifts than 2019 that’s for sure! The continued progress within the vegan scene and pant-based diets have created a huge boom in a number of companies selling all sorts of vegan goodies. 

Buying gifts for vegans can be tricky, it’s important to know what to look out for in terms of animal ingredients and cruelty-free certification. Here are a few labels that can ensure you are buying something vegan. Left s the Leaping Bunny Certification to approve no animal testing has been done and the right icon is the Vegan Society brand logo to certify that it s vegan.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t other amazing vegan gifts out there without these labels but the labels just make your life easier. Here are the top vegan gifts for Christmas 2019 to look out for:


Buying a vegan book is a wonderful and safe option for this Christmas.  There are a range of fascinating books about animal rights, nutrition and of course cookbooks to choose from. Here are the top books recommended by vegans:

vegan books

Animal Rights/Activism




You may think that vegans eat grass but we actually eat a huge variety of amazing foods and we love nothing more than being gifted vegan food. There are literally thousands of amazing vegan foods available to buy, here are the best to gift a special vegan this year.

vegan food featuring violife vegan cheese


Vegan cheese has vastly improved over the last year or so which means vegans no longer have to survive through Christmas without cheese and crackers. If you buy a vegan some quality vegan cheese, they will love you forever. 


Vegan confectionary is mid-boom with huge varieties of sweets now available and taking the UK by storm. The recent announcement of vegan Galaxy bars, released just last week, has cemented vegan confectionary demand for a long time to come.


If you would like to buy a bit of everything for your vegan friend or family members you can’t go wrong with one of these delicious vegan hampers. 


Vegan cosmetics for all genders are now available. The vegan cosmetic market has moved from strength to strength as the movement has grown and the horrors of animal cruelty have been increasingly exposed to the general public. 

vegan perfumes banner showing Dolma Vegan Perfumes and vegan aftershaves

Full list of women and men’s cosmetics can be found on our website. 

Clothes & Accessories

Treat your vegan friend to some of the amazing vegan clothing or accessories now available on the market. Vegans have tons of choice nowadays with organic and sustainable materials, we even have our own vegan leather!

vegan clothes and accessories

Eco-Friendly Stuff

You can’t go wrong with buying vegans some nifty eco-friendly gear. We’re all about helping the environment, reducing waste, recycling and natural products. The huge focus on climate change has birthed an industry of fantastic green products to choose from.

vegan homeware



Next week…

Are you looking for specific guft her her? Or for the man in your life?

Next week we will be looking into vegan gifts for men and following that vegan gifts for women. No more struggles what to buy the vegans in your life – a comprehensive guide to help you make the best decisions.