Vegan Organisations To Help You

Its World Vegan Month and amazing things are happening. More and more people are becoming aware of the dark side if intensive farming and the effects of dairy and meat on health and longevity. People are opening up to change and trying alternative products.

People are looking for more reliable and concise information. There is so much info going around these days it can be overwhelming. Here is a list of the top trusted and recognised organisations in veganism. You can look to them for more information on facts and figures, transitioning, meal ideas as well as lifestyle alternatives.

These organisations devote themselves to bringing forward the latest scientific discoveries, product developments and news and stories relating to veganism.

Vegan Society

vegan society logo link to their website

Vegan Society has been around for a long, long time. It started with 4 members and grown to be one of the worlds leading organisations for veganism. They endorse products under strict regulation and aim to offer as many resources and information as possible. Their aim is to help people understand veganism and/ or transition form a meat-based diet. Vegan Society retains a sense of balance and straightforwardness. This lends itself to being such a great resource for vegans and non-vegans alike.

The Vegan Society offers some great resources: News, Go Vegan, Get Involved and Lifestyle offering the latest news and information in each category.

Another great offering is the Veguide App. An app designed to help you transition or just maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle. This is amazing. For vegans 10 or even just 5 years ago, this was unheard of. Now veganism is becoming mainstream offering everyday people the chance to make the transition seamless and convenient.

Vegan Outreach

Vegan outreach logo with link to their website

Vegan Outreach is a non-profit organisation working across the world to help people make the transition. They focus heavily on community outreach programs on campuses and a variety of festivals. These outreach events are pivotal to engage with and talk to people about veganism. They also offer a great support system for those transitioning through a 10 weeks to vegan program with recipes, tips and nutritional advice. Great for those who may not have access to friends or family who have already made the transition.

What is great about Vegan Outreach is their view on the big tent: ” Vegan Outreach believes in never shaming people, but rather embracing them in making changes at a sustainable pace that works for them. Rather than focusing our veganism on personal purity or trace ingredients, we put the emphasis on avoiding obvious animal products while using our time and energy advocating to others

A great outlook don’t you think? The trace elements and other lifestyle factors are important, however, the initial transition is a lot more accessible when only thinking about the larger factors such as meat and dairy. We should support any kind of change as the smaller lifestyle habits and choices come by later in the journey.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine logo

A plant-based diet committee created by doctors to share the vegan diet. A compassionate future is one of their core values, but their main focus is sharing the health benefits of a plant-based diet from a scientifuc point of view and especially to health care professionals

Many people are hesitant to move to a completely pant based diet for fear of malnourishment. This committee dispels any of the myths and through a solid foundation: scientific inquiry and proof.

They offer information on nutrition, recipes for health and help to clarify understanding on a variety of health topics from Alzheimers, weights loss, diabetes and migraines – all from the perspective of a plant based diet.

In addition to being a source of scientific support for a plant-based diet, they also promote Ethical Science. Animal welfare is the backbone of veganism and animal use in science is also a huge problem. Furthermore, it’s less spoken about, after all we need it? But do we? The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine disagree and offer medical training without the use of animals.


Veganuary vegan Month of January

Most people have heard about Veganuary and if you have noty well you sure will soon enough. Veganuary is an entire month dedicated to trying a vegan diet. It is a fantastic way to try it out as the entire month, in most countries is focused on it. So many amazing meals and products are available during this time. In addition it is a great time to recover after the holiday time and do some clean eating – why not try it plant-based?

Anything and everything you will need is listed on the Veganuary website. The Vegan Starter Kit is all you could need to successfully experience a month of plant-based eating. This includes accidentally vegan products in the Uk and Dr. Gregors Daily Dozen. It truly has never been easier!

There is a lot of myths around veganism as with any movement for change but at the end of the day its about animal welfare. In recent years, the health of our planet and people was added to why we should shift to a plant-based diet. Why not just try it? Just one month make a dedicated effort to eating a fully plant based diet and see how you feel? Get your partner or your friends imvolved. Challenge family members. There is no harm in trying – literally and figuratively. The amount of animals saved collectively during Veganuary is staggering. Let’s push the boundaries in 2020!

Vegetarian Society

vegetarian society logo

This is not a vegan organisation but important none the less. Many vegans expect that everyone transition immediately and while the cruelty and horror warrants that, the reality is that for many people, that is not possible. We lived for many years under the impression that meat and dairy are essential for health – we were raised to buy, cook and eat in that way. For many people, a complete revolution seems like an unattainable goal. Imagine tells you to shift to a completely different cuisine tomorrow? You may feel overwhlmed and hesitant right? A lot of vegans themselves went through a vegetarian transition eventually leading to a fully vegan diet and we should allow others to do the same.

The transition to a more ethically sound and caring diet will take some time. We have to acknowledge the struggle some may have and offer a medium. The Vegetarian Society is just that. A stepping stone to vegansim. For those whose family members, partners or friends can’t imagine vegansim just yet, why not offer vegetarian in the mean time. And as they settle into a no meat lifesyle, the can gradually venture away from the other products.

The vegetarian society also provides an info hub to learn more. You can also attend their vegetarian cookery school.

Knowledge is power

The key to meaningful change is understanding. For veganism to succeed and take over as the new paradigm, we nmust educate ourselves on the facts. We must understand proper nutrition for health and longevity.

The people in these organisation s have dedciated their lives to helping everyone to make the transition as easy as possible. Use their resources. Share their knowledge with others. Furthermore, be a transport vessel for the right information so that veganism can thrive and expand. For the animals, the planet and our health.