Vegan Summer Perfume

A vegan perfume is a must this summer! We are moving towards more ethical, sustainable and animal-friendly consumerism in 2019 and having a fragrance that matches those ideals could not be easier here at Dolma.

Our range is completely guilt free as we do not test on animals nor do we have third party agreements that do. Our packaging is also considerate of the environment. We pride ourselves on perfumes that make one feel amazing at no cost to another sentient creature.

Perfumes at Dolma perfect for summer

Dolma has a lush range, a perfume for anyone. Fresh citrus notes or subtle floral fragrances. Imagine the summer breeze in your hair, surrounded by ylang-ylang and citrus notes. FInd the summer perfume for you!


vegan perfume summer

Andromeda is a sweet floral perfume. It reminds one of the sublime sun-filled summer days. Its main essential oils components are patchouli and copaiba.

Patchouli is a sensual aroma. Its a rich fragrance, earthy and grounding. Patchouli was traditionally used to promote calmness and reduce depression. A great scent to lift you out of the winter blues.

Copaiba is a beautiful woody and spicy aroma, a great companion to patchouli. Wearing copaiba on a daily basis is easy as it promotes calm and a sense of wellbeing.

Amethyst Mist

vegan perfume summer

Going on holiday? Amethyst Mist is a lasting perfume over a woody base. It is rich, relaxing and calm. A scent that inspires a summer holiday of fun, romance and adventure.

Sandalwood and cedarwood form the base notes while vetivert and mandarin act as the strong fixative, helping to blend the citrus and floral fragrances. This slowly releases the notes onto the skin.

Sandalwood is a versatile essential oil with many physical and emotional applications. In tantric yoga, sandalwood is used as an awakening to sexual energy. An exotic meditative scent, bound to set your mood ready for summer.

Used in Egyptian times as a spiritual embalming oil, cedarwood is a classic. It is known to improve cerebral activity, reduce stress, and ease tension. Cedarwood is a complimentary fragrance to sandalwood, making amethyst mist a Dolma Fav.

Vetiver is less known than other oils but it definitely has a place as a scent in perfumes. It has a sweet earthy scent, perfectly combined with the citrus mandarin. Vetiver is sensuous and deeply grounding. A great way to keep your feet on the ground during the playful romantic summer months.


vegan perfume summer

Greek for ‘most beautiful’, the floral essences in Calista work together in harmony with the mild citrus of the lemon and gentle spice of ginger.

Jasmine, geranium and ylang-ylang make Calista unmistakably floral, even with the subtle citrus of the bergamot. 

Jasmine is the ultimate floral love scent. Reminding us of the early mornings full of love. Jasmine has amazing properties, that is to say, calming and soothing but at the same time, uplifting.

Geranium, a personal favourite of mine because it is refreshing because it is balancing and promotes an overall sense of well-being. Its a great friend of jasmine in creating beautiful fragrances.

Ylang-ylang is a sensual fragrance. A soothing yet uplifting floral scent ideal for summer.


vegan perfume summer

Prelude remains a classic night time perfume. It is rooted in compassion for humans, animals and the planet. Blended with love using lemon and lime, patchouli and vetiver, this is a fragrance for any women.

It is is a fragrance of the citruses. A classic fav in the Dolma series. Prelude blends well with your natural scents and surrounds you in a luxurious fresh halo.

Citrus essential oil scents are uplifting and sensual, a great compliment to the deeper base notes of vetiver and patchouli.

Please note that citrus scents are photosensitive so please avoid direct sunlight after application.

Don’t know which one to choose?

vegan perfume box set
Dolma offers a beautiful box set with all our fragrances in trial sizes. Perfect to try each perfume individually.

Dolma Vegan Perfumes pledge to cruelty-free, animal-friendly products. Our founder, Jim Payne was a pharmacist who cared about animals and nature alike. Therefore, Jim created these fragrances to provide consumers with a better option. Why not choose a fragrance that reflects your beauty as well as your ethics?