Vegan Valentines Day Gifts for Him

In need of a vegan Valentine’s gift for your special man? Dolma is here to help you out this year with 10 incredible (and not cheesy) gift ideas for your vegan man.

Thanks to the uprise in veganism over the last few years, us vegans are spoilt for choice when it comes to gift buying. Innovation in food, fashion and beauty have opened the door for great vegan gift ideas. 

Here are our top 10 vegan valentine’s day gifts for him this year.

1. Vegan Leather Wallet from Watson & Wolfe

Photo from Watson & Wolfe 

Vegan leather continued to grow in popularity last year and nobody did it better than Watson & Wolfe with their luxury range of vegan ‘leather’ wallets. They feel and look just like a regular vegan wallet and will make any man happy this Valentine’s Day. 

The vegan leather is mostly made from non-food grade corn that comes from a renewable source giving it a much lower carbon footprint than traditional leather. The perfect gift for any eco-conscious and stylish vegan men out there.  

2. Aftershave Gift Set from Dolma Perfumes

Treat your man to a selection of aftershaves from Dolma’s men’s range. Our gift sets come with 4 x 9ml bottles of Dolma’s men’s fragrances along with a £25 gift card that can be used at a later date to buy their favourite bottle.

Dolma has been creating beautiful vegan fragrances for over 38 years, our products are cruelty-free and use 100% animal-free ingredients. 

3. Luxury Watch from Votch

Photo from Votch

Votch creates luxury stylish timepieces sure to impress any man this Valentine’s Day. The strap has been created with vegan ‘leather’ mixing classic and contemporary elements to produce one stunning watch. 

Votch is an eco-conscious company trying it’s best to actively reduce its impact on the planet and giving back by donating 10% of all it’s profits to charities and animal sanctuaries.

There are tons of styles and colours to choose from so you can find the best one for your man. 

4. Cook Him A Vegan ‘Steak’ Dinner

Photo from Avant-Garde Vegan

A steak dinner is a tradition for many couples on Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t have to end when you go vegan. This delicious recipe from Avant-Garde Vegan is not only creative but it’s simply divine! It is 100% guaranteed to satisfy your vegan man’s belly this Valentine’s Day. Best served with a big helping of chips, creamy peppercorn sauce and his favourite beer.

If the idea of vegan steak doesn’t turn you on, check out these other awesome vegan valentines day meal ideas.  

5. Vegan Cooking Lessons

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Take your man to a vegan cooking class this year and learn how to put together great tasting vegan meals with ease. Not only is it a fun experience to have as a couple, but you will gain valuable skills that you can both take home with you. 

This is a gift that keeps on giving as you both learn to cook awesome vegan meals for eachother at home. There are some great vegan cooking lessons available in the UK just check out this list of current classes available

6. Vegan Protein Powder

Photo by from Form Nutrition

Does your vegan man like to work out? Why not buy him some high-performance protein from Form Nutrition. These delicious blends come in a few different flavours including Chocolate Peanut, Tiramisu and Vanilla. Each one is formulated with 30g of protein and Curcumin C3 for building muscle, quicker muscle recovery so your vegan man can reach his fitness goals faster. 

All the protein powders are made using 100% natural ingredients, no artificial flavours, no artificial sweeteners or added sugar. Help your vegan man launch a new mission to improve his physical performance and gain bigger muscles.  

7. The Daily Set by The Ordinary

Photo from The Ordinary

I think we can agree that most men don’t take good enough care of their skin. This Daily Set from The Ordinary makes skincare for men simple and will help them to start treating their skin with the respect and love it deserves.

The Ordinary is an eco-conscious company that prides itself on its integrity in pricing and value. They have gained immense success over the last few years for providing simple skincare products that actually work and people swear by. 

The Daily Set comes with a squalane cleanser, hyaluronic acid and moisturizer to be used, as you probably guessed, on a daily basis by you special vegan man. The perfect gift to help him start his journey to healthier skin. 

8. Vegan Special Box of Craft Beers from Hoppily 

Photo from Amazon UK

Treat your special vegan man to a big box of vegan craft beers from Hoppily this year! Inside the box, they will get a great selection of 8 different vegan craft beers including pilseners, ales, stouts and more. 

The selection is always random and includes carefully selected vegan-friendly craft beers from independent breweries in London and around the South East of England. This gift is sure to make any beer-loving vegan man happy on Valentines’ Day. 

9. A Box of Vegan Jerky from Primal 

Photo by Amazon UK

The perfect source of quick protein on the go! Primal jerky hit the UK market in 2019 and blew most of the competition away with its superior texture and flavours. Perfect for any vegan men on the go or those that like to always have fridge snacks at the ready.

Primal jerky flavours include Texas BBQ, Teriyaki, Mesquite Lime, Hot & Spicy, Hickory Smoked and Thai Peanut.They are made using all-natural, non-GMO, preservative-free and artificial colour free soy, seitan and shitake mushroom ingredients. 

10. Acala Bamboo Safety Razor

Photo from Wearth London

Let your man shave in style with these luxury bamboo safety razors from Wearth London. Each double edge razor is made using eco-friendly bamboo material – the best shave of his life. 

The design of these razors is simply beautifully allowing for a simple and safe clean shave. The razors arrive in unbleached and recycled paper making this a zero-waste product. Great for any bearded eco-conscious vegan men out there!  

Remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We all love to gift those we love. Gifting is part of human nature! But this Valentines day, let’s aim for quality over quantity. Consumerism is a heavy burden on the planet. We can choose live in balance – gift good quality gifts that care for nature and animals and gift minimally. You can also recycle this Valentines Day by using old wrapping papaer, newspaper or even old magazine pages. Making your own card is also a winner! (in his and the heart of the planet).