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Men’s Vegan Aftershave You Can Rely On

Here at Dolma Vegan Fragrances, we believe that reliability should be at the top of your agenda. Our fragrances set out to provide it in every sense of the word. Aside from knowing that your vegan cologne is formulated using eco-friendly processes, you can be confident that the scents will provide lasting effects even with a small daily application. So, you’ll be getting value for money too.

We have formulated our four men’s vegan aftershaves, each with individual hints and fragrance notes. The classic Sirius is a timelessly masculine blend while Freedom offers a fresh and woody smell. Kwame is fresh and fun, making it perfect for daily wear in recreational settings while Imagine is fruity and uplifting, perfect for summer. In short, you will find something for every occasion courtesy of our collection, which is four decades in the making.

If you’re looking for a signature scent to be worn for work or something for date nights and special events, our fresh range of vegan and cruelty-free aftershaves will provide everything you’ve ever wanted in an environmentally friendly fragrance. The sweet smell of success can be found right here.

Treat Yourself Or A Loved One With Men’s Vegan Cologne

Whether you are turning you’re exploring vegan cologne for the first time or want an upgrade on the inferior products you’ve been using, our cruelty-free men’s aftershaves are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. From the classic scents to the modern twists, there is something for every man to enjoy. Meanwhile, the beautifully presented and eco-friendly packaging makes them a great gift too.

First and foremost, you need an aftershave that reflects your scent profile. However, you should not overlook the importance of choosing the right size bottle. All four men’s aftershaves are available in 9ml tester bottles that also work well for scents saved for special occasions. These smaller bottles are perfect for travel or popping in your gym bag. For more regular usage, the 50ml bottles are perfect for everyday signature scents. You can also try them all with the aftershave box set.