Veganuary Recipe Ideas

So you have taken the Veganuary 2020 pledge, great news! You are going to love being vegan, it’s a chance to cook interesting and healthy dishes that are delicious and cruelty-free. 

When you first start your vegan month, cooking can feel daunting and you may struggle to know where to start. Fear not, our team at Dolma know all about vegan dinner recipes and are here to inspire you this Veganuary. 

Below you will find our favourite recipe ideas broken down into the categories: simple, nutritious, naughty and fancy. Going vegan is a chance to get creative in the kitchen, use new cooking methods and try different tasty foods you wouldn’t normally eat. 

Remember, an easy way to stay on track is to create a vegan meal plan. Browse through the recipes below, take note of the one you like and plan them into the next few weeks.

Good luck! 


Lets start simple. The best way to start your vegan cooking for Veganuary 2020 is to go simple! Don’t stress this month and make meals that are quick and easy.


vegan wraps recipes from Veg kitchen

Image from VegKitchen

The most simple and effective vegan dinner? Wraps! The beauty of a wrap is you can take all your favourite foods and stuff them in one tasty tortilla. Here at Dolma, we like to include:

  • Roasted eggplant
  • Hummus
  • Lettuce
  • Red onion
  • Baby tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Microgreens
  • Chilli sauce

When it comes to wraps, the world is your oyster. There are literally millions of combinations you can make and most will take no longer than 5-10 minutes to create. Check out VegKitchen for some easy vegan wrap ideas. Cook up a side dish of sweet potatoes fries to complete the meal.


Vegan Pasta Recipe from Minimalist baker

Image from Minimalist Baker

Pasta is always a simple option. Again, think about your favourite vegetables and flavours. Search on Google or Pinterest including the word ‘vegan’ and you’re likely to find a pasta dish for you. We recommend browsing through Delish Knowledge, they have 20 easy vegan pasta dishes that are all simple and delicious.

If you have a family to feed and you’re all going vegan, you can’t go wrong with big pasta dishes. 


Whilst all the vegan hype is surrounding vegan fast food at the moment, the vegan diet is actually extremely healthy and nutritious if done correctly. Get all your nutrients from these great recipes.

Buddha Bowls

Vegan Buddha bowl from Vegan Food and Living

Image from Vegan Food and Living

Mostly associated with hipsters in Bali, the Buddha Bowl is a fantastic way of combining delicious ingredients that provide you will all the nutrition you need. A Buddha Bowl is essentially a big bowl packed with vegetables, various grains, beans, tofu, vegan meat, nuts, vegan cheese and anything else you can possibly fit in there.

Check out these fantastic Buddha Bowl recipes from Vegan Food and Living. Buddha Bowls are aimed to be packed full of tasty ingredients and provide you with all the nutrition a vegan needs in one go. 


Vegan Soup recipe from Hummus Sapien

Image from Hummus Sapien

Soup is not only simple but it’s a great way to pack in tons of nutrients into one dish. These beautiful soup recipes from Hummus Sapien will keep you, your family and friends completely satisfied and healthy.

Don’t be afraid of getting experimental with soup recipes. Think of all your favourite foods and see if you can try to put them together in one tasty bowl. Don’t forget the bread!


Remember, vegan does not mean healthy as so many people believe. Veganism is a philosophy, not a health movement. You don’t have to pack the fridge full of kale and avocados if you don’t want to. Try some of these naughty recipes this Veganuary.


Vegan Pie recipe from Wallflower Kitchen

Image from Wallflower Kitchen

Yes, you read that correctly! PIES! Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good pie. Greggs just launched the vegan steak bake which has been hugely popular but you can also make your own naughty vegan pies at home. 

This mushroom and leak pie from Wallflower Kitchen is one of the best ones out there and great for feeding 4-6 people. Check out this list of really naughty vegan pies to inspire you this Veganuary.

Vegan Burgers

Vegan Burger from Vegan Food and Living

Image from Vegan Food & Living

Unless you have been hiding all last year, you will no doubt of seen the huge boost in the number of vegan burgers available. The Beyond and Impossible burgers being the most popular you can now get throughout the UK. 

This Veganuary why not try to make your own naughty vegan burgers at home? Check out this awesome list of vegan burger recipes over on Vegan Food & Living. Don’t forget to add some vegan cheese! We recommend Violife cheddar.


If you are a bit of a whizz in the kitchen then these vegan recipes are for you and believe us they are worth the time and effort. Vegan food has come leaps and bounds in the last few years, we even have vegan fine dining now.

Vegan ‘Steak’

Vegan Steak from Avante-Garde Vegan

Image from Avant-Garde Vegan  

A lot of vegan chefs have been trying to replicate our favourite meat dishes from our childhood but no one is doing it better than Avant-Garde Vegan AKA Gaz Oakley. This cola BBQ meaty mushroom steak recipe is guaranteed to wow anyone that eats it. 

Take the time to create this wonderful dish for your family or a group of friends. Recipes like this will change the way you view vegan food forever.


Curry Recipe from My Sri Lankan Recipe

Image from My Sri Lankan Recipe

Curries are a great vegan option for a number of reasons. They are delicious, fairly simple to cook, packed full of nutrients and decadent all at the same time. You can create amazing curries with the help of tasty recipes online, this one in particular from My Sri Lanka Recipe is simply divine.

Whether you are cooking for just one or ten people, you can’t go wrong with a great curry. Don’t just stick to Indian either, try Sri Lankan, Nepalese and Malaysian curries too!

Have fun!

Some people can feel overwhelmed at the prospect at cooking new dishes but don’t worry. Veganuary is not about being perfect but rather baout having fun and learning some new dishes.

Have some dinner dates with friends and fam and have a good time this Veganuary.