Where To Apply Perfume To Make It Last Longer

Do you feel like you put your favourite scent on only to find it lightly lingering a short while after? It can be frustrating especially when your favourite perfume or cologne is that one thing that makes the day that much more special.

But guess what! There are easy tips and tricks to make your perfume or cologne last longer. Read on to find out.

First Off, Moisturise

Perfume and colognes love hydrated skin. It helps the oils in the fragrances to bind to the skin and stay longer. The oilier the better. The best tactic would be straight after a hot shower. Apply an unscented moisturizer and straight after, apply your perfume or cologne.

But where do I apply my perfume or cologne?

Pulse Points

Aside from moisture, perfume and colognes love body heat. Your pulse points emit more heat than other parts of your body and allow fragrances to develop well. Lets look at the top pulse points.


This is the most well known of places to apply perfume or cologne. Skin is thin and close to warm blood flow. Hot tip: Don’t run your wrists after applying as it compromises the fragrance molecules. Apply and let iit air dry. Remember to moisterise well before applying.

Inside of the elbows

Another great spot and often overlooked. We especially enjoy this location as allows gentle waves of scent to be carried towards you during the day as you work. Not only do others get to enjoy your special scent but you do too.


Find your pulse in your neck and spritz after applying your moisturiser. This is the classic spot, especially for lovers. Many people apply fragrance to wrists and then rub it on their necks, but as mentioned before, rubbing can reduce the quality and duration of the scent so apply independently.


Another warm zone and perfect for a hot date or day time affair. Apply an intensive moisturiser and spray your scent. Make sure to keep it localised – perfume does not taste great.

Behind the knees

This is a fantastic location for summertime when your legs are out and about. The skin behind the knees is generally softer and moisturized and also warm, a double whammy for your perfume or cologne to linger longer.

Your hair

What? Your hair?

Apply on dry hair about a rulers distance to gently scent your hair. As you move through your day and past people, gentle float by. If you use heavily scented hair products spraying on your hair may conflict, in which case stick to any of the above locations.

On your clothes

This is a great approach especially if you have a signature scent. Spray on jackets, scarves and even your shoes to carry your scent with you wherever you go. People will instantly recognise you before you’ve even entered a room.

Where do you keep your perfume or cologne?

How you store your fragrance is another big point when it comes to your fragrance lasting longer. There are many factors that can affect the integrity of your fragrance.

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