Where to shop as a vegan?

One thing most vegans can agree on is how amazing it is to go to a restaurant or shopping space and not have to scrutinize the labels. We can happily sit down and order amazing meals or fill our shopping carts freely.

But where can we go shopping? There are many sites that are amazing one-stop shops, some local and some online. Let’s take a look!


HETU is a store of my dreams. It’s not only about veganism but zero waste. They take care to make the shopping and product process to be as clean and conscious of waste as possible. Their product list is extensive. They only operate in store so if you are in or close to London, go check them out!


My Vegan Supermarket Guide

My Vegan Supermarket is a great resource for one-stop shopping for vegans. Its all food related so unfortunately you won’t find vegan beauty products but in terms of food, there is nothing you cant find.

This is more of a resource than online shopping. It lists all vegan products and what supermarket you can find them at. They also list supermarkets in the UK and what vegan selections they have. Great for while you don’t feel like checking each product while in Waitrose.

What I especially love is that you can find your product and see exactly what is in them. Truly a unique resource for vegan and sustainability-conscious consumers.

I created My Vegan Supermarket in December 2015 as an easy way to search for vegan products in the main UK supermarkets, without having to trawl through lengthy allergen lists or spend hours on Google. I wished something like this existed when I first became vegan, and I hope it can help you. New products are added regularly, so be sure to keep coming back.

My Vegan Supermarket

Wearth – London and Online

There has been much excitement about Wearth. Its a slick, fresh and a modern store aimed at eco-conscious vegan consumers.

You can filter searches to match any ideal: vegan, sustainable, waste-free or plastic free. They have it all.

Their shop has a diverse range of products. I am loving there jewellery range. It’s great to see that such a diverse range of products are being made ethically. They offer beauty, cleaning, jewellery and even furniture. Hello, sustainable eco-friendly home!


The Vegan Kind

This is another great one stop shop for vegans with anything and everything you could need.

The Vegan Kind has an online supermarket as well site that sells something I can’t wait to get my hands on – monthly goodie boxes! What a brilliant idea. You can get lifestyle boxes or beauty boxes. Each month or every 2 months you receive a box with goods inside.

On the other side, the Vegan Kind Supermarket has a wide range of products to order. They offer food, beauty, ethical clothing, household items as well as pet items. Their team is vegan and clearly passionate about the cause. A great store to support!


Vegan Store UK

The Vegan Store stands as the first independent online retailer for solely vegan products. They aim to maintain a fresh selection of products on the market, keeping ahead of the competition. They also try to support local brands as far as possible, a great ethical stance. However, if they struggle to find locally they will import so that you don’t miss out on anything.

They have a wide range of products available and even sort their products according to season. A vegan Christmas was never easier. They stock beauty and healthcare, confectionary (yum!), dry store and even shoes and bags.


Take your pick

There are many more stores about to choose from, more than I can list. Which in and of itself is fantastic! Longtime vegans, from even only 5 years ago, did you ever think it possible? The leaps and bounds that veganism is amazing and should be recognized!

Here is a short list of some local vegan stores around the UK

  • Simply V Vegan Store Cardiff
  • Unicorn Grocery Store and Coop Manchester
  • Planet Organic – store across the UK (they are not vegan, however, are organic and stock plenty of vegan products. Their abundance of stores means you should be able to find one near you)
  • Purple Carrot Wholefoods and Vegan Store Liverpool
  • Lembas vegan and vegetarian wholefoods Sheffield

Shopping vegan has literally never been easier. You can find an online store that you resonate with or find a local store. Support them as much as you can. Supporting small businesses is a great way to support the cause and make sure that vegan grocers and one-stop shops become more common.

Watch out for Dolma Vegan perfume in these listings, we are coming to stores near you real soon!