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Why Buy Vegan Perfume?

As vegans, many of us tend to focus on our diet and clothing choices to make ethical consumer choices. All too often though, it’s easy to overlook the perfume industry as a way that animal-derived (or tested) products enter our homes, particularly those new to veganism.

Cruelty-free fragrances offer us a vegan-friendly ethical choice but what exactly makes them ‘ cruelty-free’ and how are they different from other fragrances?

go vegan perfume

Not a lot of people are aware of this  but a large number of high-street perfume brands, still, even to this day test certain components of their products on animals. In 2018, we believe that this practice is simply unacceptable, which is why companies like Dolma vegan Perfumes are pushing back and offering a high-quality, elegant alternative.

What makes something a vegan or ‘cruelty perfume’

In a nutshell, a fragrance or perfume being ‘cruelty-free’ or ‘vegan’ says that at no point during the manufacture or development of this scent, were any animals tested on or harmed. Seeing the cruelty free symbol that Dolma proudly displays, certified by Cruelty Free International, is your shortcut to knowing that you can safely buy this product as a vegan and animal lover.

Does this mean that perfumes without the cruelty-free symbol are tested on animals in some way? Not always but sadly, yes, it often does. It’s worth checking with the brands in question themselves on an individual basis, but generally, cruelty-free fragrances and products will display the logo with pride.

How do companies become cruelty free?

If you’re wondering how a company can obtain accreditation and the use of the cruelty-free logo, this is governed by Cruelty-Free International, an organisation with strict criteria and vetting procedures. They are responsible for inspecting individual brands as well as their manufacturing processes and handing out the accreditations if all checks are passed. There are many other organisations out there that offer the same checks, and these include companies such as ‘leaping bunny’ and others.

For more information on vegan perfume and other products these animal-friendly organisations, it can be worth checking out the links below as you can often find helpful lists on their websites of companies that they have inspected and granted the use of their logo too.

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