Women to Watch Out For This Decade

This Sunday is Women’s International Day and Mother’s Day. These powerful observances inspired us to pay homage to all the incredible women out there. Women who are making the world a better place in each of their own unique ways.

International Women’s Day 2020 is about Each For Equal. Many of us in the western world don’t face as many struggles these days. However, inequality between men and women is still rife across the world, especially in lesser developed nations. This year the focus is on getting equality for all women, no matter our race, age, appearance or nationality.

We have listed incredible women that are helping to change our world. These women are incredibly influential to millions and continue to help make our world a better place to live.

Women for Veganism  

Dr Melanie Joy

Harvard-educated psychologist, Dr Melanie Joy, continues to help the vegan community become better advocates day by day.

She wrote the excellent book titled Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism. The book explored all the reasons why our society consumes meat and even coined the term Carnism in the process.

Dr Melanie Joy has taught vegan advocates all over the world. She shows them how to improve their communication to better express the ideas behind the movement. She also wrote another book which further supported activists. Strategic Action for Animals and Beyond Beliefs: A Guide to Improving Relationships and Communication for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eater.

Her TEDx Talk on YouTube has been viewed over 750k times. In this talk, she explains how we can make better food choices. She also won the Ahimsa Award for her continued efforts towards global nonviolence. This award has previously been awarded to the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela.

Genesis Butler

At age 6, Genesis became a passionate animal activist. Fast forward to 10 years old she is TEDx’s youngest speaker. At age 12 she runs her own animal charity and is a global representative for other vegan charities. 

Genesis represents a passionate demographic of young people who actively want to help animals and the planet. She is helping to influence millions of young people to also get involved in charitable work that helps support animals.

She has received numerous awards for her work including:

  • Animal Hero Kids’ Sir Paul McCartney Young Veg Advocate award
  • Vegan Kid of the Year award from Vegans Are Cool 
  • PETA’s Youth Activist of the Year
  • Lisa Shapiro Youth Activist award

On top of all her hard work, she is also actively campaigning for various bills in the state of California. These aim to stop animal testing, protect African species and introduce plant-based meal options to schools.

Other Vegan Females to Follow

Angela Davis – The godmother of modern activism.

Aph Ko – Founder of the Black Vegans Rock project.

Miley Cyrus – Helping to promote veganism to millions worldwide.

Women for the Environment

Greta Thunberg

Greta is known by most people on the planet for her incredible work for against climate change. She started a global environmental youth movement, and also stood in front of our world leaders. Her powerful speech aimed to make leaders them accountable for the destruction of our climate.

Greta is fearless even in the face of government and public backlash. Last year she gave a damning speech to the UN. She sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean on a solar-powered boat to raise awareness for climate change. She did all of this with more grace than some of the leaders who gave her stick for it.

To top it all off, she was recently nominated for the global peace prize for 2020. An award most people are confident she will take home. This honour will help to further raise awareness over her incredible work and mission to help save the planet.

Greta continues to inspire millions both young and old to stand up for their planet. She also advocates a vegan lifestyle using her tireless work via social media. In recent years youth voting has declined by many are looking at Greta’s work as an inspiration for change. The upcoming elections will be interesting.

India-Logan Riley

India’s efforts are not as well known as Greta’s but are just as powerful. India-Logan Riley has persisted in her tremendous efforts to centre indigenous rights in the movement for climate change. She has worked tirelessly to advocate for indigenous rights over their land.

Just like Greta, she has taken her campaign to the UN and spoken before our world leaders. Her work was instrumental in the lead up to the Paris climate agreement. Today she continues to advocate in her native Aotearoa (the Māori name for New Zealand).

The foundation of India-Logan’s work is that our world depends on the 2.5 billion people living on indigenous lands. This is essential to preserve for food, water, farming, materials and more. Failure to support the rights of indigenous people and critical ecosystems affects us all and our way of living.

Other Incredible Female Climate Activists

Nakabuye Hilda F. – Fighting against the environmental destruction and pollution of Uganda.

Luisa Neubauer – Helps organize Fridays for Future climate marches. She works with 350.org and regularly advocates climate action at international diplomatic events.

Ridhima Pandey –  At 9 years old, Ridhima was suing the Indian government for its lack of action over climate change. The lawsuit is set to help future generations of India have access to basic rights. She focuses on basic rights such as water, food and shelter.  

Women for Health

Dr Pam Popper

An expert in nutrition and a huge advocate for the plant-based diet. Dr Pam Popper is helping to transform the way the world views their food. 

She is a naturopath and the executive director of Wellness Forum Health. It offers educational programs to consumers and companies to promote better-informed decision-making. It centres around diet, lifestyle changes and improved long-term health goals. 

Pam has also appeared on many of the popular documentaries. These have helped to change the way people eat including Forks Over Knives and Making a Killing. She even sits on the board for the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington D.C.

In her book, Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Can Save Your Life she helps people realise that many of their prescription drugs are simply treating symptoms, not helping to cure underlying issues. The book promotes healthy eating and positive lifestyle changes that can aid people in fighting against common illnesses and diseases.

Pam is more than comfortable taking on various top agencies. Specifically national health organizations, government agencies, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural organizations and manufacturing companies. She wants to raise awareness and create policy changes.

Dr Angie Sadeghi

Dr Angie Saghedi sits on the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Gastroenterology. She is one of the top experts in the field of gastroenterology. Her passion has helped thousands of people to get off their medication for high cholesterol, heart disease and hypertension.

She owns her own practice in California where she offers a wide range of services. She aims to help her patients to solve their issues and not just treat symptoms. Using a plant-based diet she was able to cure her own chronic health issues including fibromyalgia and eczema. Furthermore, she was also able to lose 13.5kg in just 8 months.

Today, she is focused on helping to dispel the many common myths surrounding nutrition and health. Her YouTube channel is a great resource for this. She continues to help her patients lose weight using natural methods and helping those suffering from severe digestion issues.

In addition, Dr Saghedi is also the co-founder of Your Gut Connection. It helps people struggling with SIBO to better understand the root cause of their health issues. It goes further than to offer help to heal their body completely. 

Other Top Health & Plant-Based Advocates

Dr Brooke Goldner Developed her own self-healing program to overcome her Systemic Lupus Nephritis and stage IV kidney disease. Today, she helps many sufferers of chronic diseases using a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle changes.

Dr Alona Pulde – Helping people reverse diseases with her partner Dr Mathew Lederman. They use a combination of a plant-based diet and lifestyle changes.

Dr Harriet Davis – Top physician of family and sports medicine. Competes as a bodybuilder in her spare time and an incredible ambassador of the vegan diet.  

It’s time for a new way

The rise in women in positions of power is exciting. It ushers in a new era where political and brute force power is not the aim of the game. Nor does it mean that men will be sidelined or thought ill of. Quite to the contrary. International Women’s Day 2020 is about Equality. That women and men make decisions together. Earn money together. Face problems together. And most importantly, that we create a beautiful safe world for future generations – together.