It’s World Vegan Month

Celebrating 75 years of veganism! A month to celebrate the growth and expansion of veganism. To share the movement with others in a positive and fun way.

Veganism as a concept of avoiding flesh started in ancient Indian times as well as Eastern Mediterranean times. The term “vegan” only became official around 1944 when David Watson and Elsie Shrigley started the Vegan Society. The Vgean Society is now one fo the worlds leading organisations around veganism. It aimed to move beyond the standard vegetarian diet to avoid all exploitation of animals, in diet, clothing, home and living. They expanded vegetarianism to offer this definition:

“A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.”

Is World Vegan Month only for Vegans?

Not at all. World Vegan Month is open to anyone that is looking to make better decisions in terms of the food they eat, the clothing they buy and other items such as household items. It is is about opening the dialogue, sharing information and allowing for change that benefits human health and welfare, environmental welfare and of course, the welfare and liberation of the animals that are used for food, clothing and other products.

How to take part in World Vegan Month?

You dont have to go fullly vegan or plant-based or vegan to partake. Transitioning can take time. World Vegan Month and Veganuary are good times to try new things and have a lot of support and guidance along the way.

  • Host a vegan dinner party: Host a vegan dinner night or make it a potluck with the theme animal-free. Make it fun. People can come dressed as animals and you can use animal themed plates and serviettes. This is a great way to learn about new plant-based dishes. Social eating is always fun and positive. A great way to share a great cause.
  • Host a movie night: For most people that are vegans, the trigger to finalising their transition was an informative film. The most popular vegan films are Earthling, Cowspiracy, Eating Animals and more recently, Game Changers on Netflix. There are of course many more. It’s a good way to gain more insight into why people are so passionate about vegan lifestyles, articulating points on a more scientific and educating way.
  • Buy only vegan household and beauty products for the month: What differentiates veganism from plant-based diets is veganism is more than just what you eat. It’s about what you eat, wear, the beauty products you use and about the household products you use. While a lot of these products use animal-based ingredients, an overlooked part is animal testing. With the lens on the Toxicology lab in Germany and what kind of testing is involved, moving to more ethical products is a great step towards living a kinder more compassionate life. Replace used products with eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free products.
  • Donate to vegan charities and support organisations that rescue factory-farmed animals: There are amazing people and organisations working hard to make changes to the law or to directly rescue and aid animals from factory farms. Support them with your time, donations or financially. Every bit helps.
  • Opt for vegan snacks this month: With supermarkets making changes, finding vegan snacks and treats has never been so easy. There are alternatives for most snacks these days and with veganism so big, there is a lot of money in making them taste good. Take Vegan Magnums for example. The only difference is your mind knowing they are different. They taste amazing!
  • Become involved in activism and outreach programs: For those that are vegan already and want to do a little more this month, there are some amazing outreach programs you can do such as Volunteer for Vegan Society, be a part of Earthling Ed‘s team or partake in an Anonymous for the Voiceless.
  • Organise vegan themes lunches at work: A great idea to share the movement or start your own journey by sharing it with people at work. It’s a great way to create some fun in the workplace and make meaningful connections. Its also a fantastic way to learn. When more people are involved there is more learning to share with one another. Be sure to make it fun and positive to share the beauty of a compassionate life.
  • Make dinners meat-free every night of the week for November: Instead of focusing on all meals becoming plant based you can just focus on one meal of the day being plant-based. Include the whole family, invite friends, reconnectr with your partner while trying new recipes. Plant-based is not as limited as what people think, especially when thinking about different world cuisines that offer plant-based options.
  • Is it your birthday this month? Have a fully vegan birthday including a vegan cake. Vegan baked goods have come a long way and now you can have amazing cakes or cupcakes for your special day. Eat out at a local vegan eatery and suggest vegan and cruelty free gifts for your birthday. Better yet, ask friends and family to rather donate some money to charities of your choice.
  • Go for a family or friends day out to a animal rescue farm instead of a zoo: There are amazing animal sanctuaries around the UK that rescue farm animals from intensive farming. They devote their lives to giving these animals normal lives free of fear and pain. Why not uncover the hidden secrets of common farm animals.

Its not about being perfect, its about trying.

Veganism is a strict belief in not using animals in any way, shape or form. Once you commit, it’s a commitment to animals. However, there is no expectation to make a quick and effortless transition in a day. Our system has raised us for generations to believe that we need dairy and meat to survive. Everything is based on this belief. Animal testing is well hidden. The use of animal ingredients is in everything from glue to paint. It’s not easy to make a perfect transition in a quick time. One has to relearn everything and start again.

Luckily, in 2019 and beyond, there is more support than ever. Restaurants and supermarkets are catering for a compassionate diet and lifestyle. There are also amazing people like Earthling Ed, Joey Carbstrong, The Vegan Society And Veganuary offering aamzing information and resources to make the transition easier and more informed for health, wellbeing and convenience.

If you want to move to a vegan life, take your time. Don’t feel pressured to be perfect. Do what you can, where you can and when you can. Eliminate meat and dairy by the products you consume less to then eliminating the ones you find you consume the most. Introduce alternatives while you phase the others out. Try different brands to find the alternatives you like the most. Allow for some compromise and adjustment. Take it as a positive experience. One where at the end of it, be it a month or 6, that you will, in the end, be living a more compassionate life towards animals and securing a healthier safer planet for the future.

Happy World Vegan Month.

If you have ANY questions or ideas, please share it with Dolma at We have a team of long time and short time vegans who are passionate and caring. Our passion is to offer vegan and cruelty-free scents for women and colognes for men that embody compassion and care for animals and the planet.