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Leading the way in vegan fragrance

Dolma perfumes and aftershaves are created by gifted perfumers with a flair for creating fine fragrance for men and women.


Natural ingredients

Every Dolma fragrance is lovingly created from nature’s botanical ingredients. Essential oils are blended with florals, fruits and spices to create well-loved scents like Vegamusk, Andromeda and Compassion.

Fine fragrance, cruelty free

Every fragrance is certified by 4 animal welfare organisations: Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society, Dr Hadwen Trust and Humane Society International

Support kindness to animals

Modern science has shown fragrance and cosmetics can be tested and produced safely and effectively without animal testing. When you wear a Dolma fragrance you are helping to support organisations committed to promoting kindness to animals. What could be more beautiful?

Shop with a clear conscience

Just like our customers and the organisations we support, we believe in replacing animal testing with better, safer, ethical methods.

Discover your favourite fragrance

Wear our gorgeous perfumes and aftershaves day and evening. Splash on an Eau de Parfum and complement it with your stronger evening perfume.

Treat someone special

Dolma fine fragrances make perfect gifts for your loved ones. Join the happy Dolma customers who appreciate fine fragrance with no harm to animals.

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