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Beautiful Sets For Convenient And Cruelty-Free Gift Giving

Here at Dolma, we understand that you want to find that extra special gift that your loved one will never forget. What’s more, we appreciate the fact that you may be short of time or cannot visit the recipient in person due to long distances or social restrictions. Either way, our ready-to-give perfume and beauty gift sets are the perfect solution.

The perfume gift sets and Dolma gift vouchers are beautifully presented in eco-friendly cardboard packaging with recyclable materials used for the internal packaging too. The compact boxes deliver a simple yet sophisticated gift that is sure to hit the mark regardless of the event or occasion. Better still, it’s a gift that they are guaranteed to use, unlike the many presents that end up in the cupboard.

Our gifts aren’t just for women, either. We have vegan aftershave gift sets and voucher combos that are certain to leave the man in your life smiling too. From long-term vegans to new fans of the eco-friendly lifestyle, the gift sets are thoughtful, practical, and exceptional value for money.

Give The Gift Of  A  New Signature Scent

There are few greater joys in this life than knowing that you smell good. The Dolma fragrance gift sets, including vegan perfumes for women and cruelty-free aftershaves for men, allow your loved one to discover a new favourite. The gift sets offer a selection of stunning vegan fragrances suited for daily life and special occasions. The recipient is sure to enjoy all of those wonderful scents, but it could open their eyes (and nostrils) to a new favourite.

Perfume sets offer everything from Light Bloom to Midnight Velvet while the men’s aftershave set ranges from Sirius to Freedom. The excitement of discovering a new favourite certainly adds an extra sense of enjoyment for the recipient. It’s certainly a present that they’ll remember, even if you can’t give it to them in person- alternatively, it’s a great way to treat yourself en route to discovering a new signature scent of your own.

Check out the gift boxes below to choose between a selection of women’s gift sets or men’s gift sets, as well as lotions and vouchers.