How Animal Activism Is Changing The World

Until recently, animal and environmental activism were limited to a small passionate few. However, since veganism exploded, the idea of taking care of animals and the environment is more accepted and dare I say cool.

The plight of animals in animal agriculture openly revealed and noticed. The decline of environmental health heard and seen by the masses. All of this is surmounting to a beautiful change in the world. A step to a planet whose people respect the creatures they share it with and are asking for better methods of living.


Veganism has grown exponentially in the past 5 years. Even as little as 3 years ago I felt outcasted whereas today I happily find vegan menus at most places. Most people I meet understand and support my decision.

Despite it feeling like vegans are everywhere we actually only represent a very small percentage of the global population.

But as history proves, you don’t need many to make a difference. The small number of vegans are far spread. The Americas, UK, Australia and Europe are leading the way but you can find definite scenes in parts of Africa, Asia and South Americas.

What does this mean? More people spreading the message within their communities. “Animal lives matter. Sustainability matters. Health matters”. Veganism, although sometimes negatively portrayed in the media is still creating awareness about some serious issues.

Equality between species

One of the most noticeable achievements of veganism is creating equality between species. A call to reflect on the belief that humans are superior to animals in every way.

What vegans bring to light is that creatures of any species have amazing abilities and powers. All species intertwine within the circle of life (and that includes us) in a very real and powerful way. Take bees for example. Their simple role in pollination is what keeps our crops going, without them, we face a grim future.

Cows are shown to have strong maternal bonds. This is a strong reason why milk and milk products are boycotted. They show strong emotions of joy, playfulness and fear in the face of death.

Pigs are shown to be of the smartest animal species out there, showing an intelligence akin to that of a 3-year-old. Locking them in pens and taking their young from them causes them immense distress.

Vegans want people to know that we should understand the concept “speciesism“. Veganism as a movement wants to create equality for all animals. Each species, no matter size or perceived consciousness is valued and protected. We want to acknowledge and value animals and their right to live their lives as they are naturally intended to


One of the most amazing things that have come about with the vegan movement is a call for companies to become transparent in manufacturing and farming practices.

Vegan militants, as Piers Morgon likes to call them, take it into their own hands to show what goes on in slaughterhouses. And what dear Piers refuses to acknowledge is that many factory farms commit unspeakable acts against animals that end up on YOUR plate. People don’t want to face the truth but the truth needs to come out. I believe that if all people face the reality of where their food comes from, they would be more inclined to boycott meat and dairy in a call for change.

Us as conscious human species can no longer turn away from what we are buying into. Whether you agree with it or not, this activism has brought about transparency across all food industries and even clothing industries, another shady industry that has been cloaked in secrecy for too many years.

The rise of veganism has brought transparency and ethics to the forefront of one of the biggest aspects of our lives: Food.


For those who know me well will know I love the motivational speaker Tony Robbins. One aspect he reiterates is taking responsibility for yourself.

I feel that the vegan movement, as well as the waste-free movement, is a great example of taking responsibility. People are facing the facts of what they are buying into. We are taking responsibility for our personal contribution toward industries that exploit animals and the environment. We are facing those that exploit for profit.

When interacting with non-vegans, I find that our strong-willed opinions rub them up a bit. But I don’t believe this is a bad thing. I don’t advocate vegans being exclusive to non-vegans or shaming them. We should avoid creating more divide and advocate peaceful and loving communications. If we go with a mind to share and educate, it sows a seed for others to take action on their part. That seed is accountability.

When all people start to take their lives and their actions into account and how it affects other people, animals and the environment, I believe there will be a radical change across the planet


Finally and most exciting is innovation. For example, the last 2 years have seen incredible expansion in vegan products and design.

Similarly, when people tell me they can’t live without cheese I can now confidently tell them otherwise. Today there are plant-based alternatives as good as or better than dairy. Thanks, cashew nut cheese – drool.

Companies are investing millions to create products that are just as good as the real things. With financial backing, amazing products coming out in 2019. From vegan fast food to vegan desserts.

Cheese, milk, fake meats and vegan desserts are flooding the mainstream with mad success. There is really no reason why as a person of basic economic privilege you cannot support it.

The future is looking good.

Veganism has had a lot of backlash and resistance. If you take a step back and forget about the fundamentalists, present in all movement and who are not true representatives of the core values of a movement, you can see that it has created a lot of positive change. For animals, the environment and even the welfare of workers who have to work in those horrible conditions.

Support vegan products as far as you can. Move forward with an open mind and an open heart. We do not wish to force everyone to go vegan right now. We encourage people to take steps. All steps count. If ditching meat is not right for you just yet, buy meat that local and ethical and to reduce your consumption. Buy vegan certified products when and where you can.