Summer Vegan Care Kit for Men

Gone are the days of men avoiding skin care regimes. More and more men are accepting the benefits of a good facial care regime. My partner loves his argan oil serum, a good weekly mask and sunblock protection. He enjoys clear radiant skin and I am almost sad to say, constant compliments on how good his skin looks for his age. And these days we have more choice than ever, even more, a reason to choose vegan skincare for men.

Without assuming generalizations, in my experience, most men opt for one-stop shopping where they can find all they need in my place. Instead of listing individual products, I will list brands that offer men’s products that hold vegan, ethical and clean standards. Here are 3 brands that offer vegan men’s products as part of their collection or solely focus on men’s products, a one-stop shop for all you need guys.

Green People Organic Lifestyle

Green People are a great brand. It was started when the founder,
Charlotte Vøhtzs daughter was suffering from multiple skin ailments. It was the drive for her to create products that are truly natural and kind to the skin and holds principles for kindness to the earth and animals. They have a great men’s range that is vegan. You can order a sample kit to try it out before the full investment.

They have an extensive range from deodorants, exfoliators, shaving ranges and also great kits for those that want the easiest option available. They offer advice on the blog for men’s skincare which I think is an indicator of the investment into offering great skincare for men.


Somersets Mens Range

I really love Somerset’s range for men. They have pre-shave, shaving prep and post-shave products. It doesn’t mean if you sporting a beard you cant enjoy their range. It’s essentially divided into when to use their products. They offer vegan based cleansers, exfoliators, shaving oils and gels, face balms and moisturizers. They all look great and have scents geared for males to enjoy.

One of their best products for men however is their shaving oils which are popular amongst their male customers. It’s all natural and catered for the best shaving experience possible. If you not into the oil they also offer a shaving gel as an alternative option.

One of my favs of this brand is the SPF moisturizer. No matter where you live or your gender, an SPF is essential to protecting the skin from sun damage and premature ageing.


Clock Face Beauty

I almost didn’t find this gem of a brand but so glad I did. They are based in York in the UK are vegan, cruelty-free and ethically minded. Their products are luxurious for those who appreciate that extra care for the face.

Their ingredients are carefully chosen for men’s skin needs and you can choose products that care for your personal skin care needs. Check out the Men’s Facial care gift sets and I especially love the Men’s Facial Serum. Anyone that knows me knows I love a good facial serum, for women and men.

I really appreciate this brand because not only do they take into consideration that men have different skin care needs, they break it down even further to offer products for men to care for beards or to care for clean-shaven skin.


Bulldog Skincare for Men

Ok, so I left the best for last. I love love love this brand. It was made by a man for men. Self-proclaimed no-nonsense products for men. And even better they offer products that are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, environmentally conscious and kind to the skin. You can literally do no better in my world!

They offer a fantastic range for men from cleansers to eye cream to body wash. No area was left untouched. They also offer their ranges according to skin type.

I especially love the bamboo razor. Your shaving experience can get no more ethical than that. What’s even better is the affordability of this brand. It won’t break your bank to be vegan and ethical!


Dolma Vegan Aftershave

How could I go forward without mentioning our very own amazing vegan aftershave collection for men. Our brand is completely vegan, cruelty-free and natural. There is no concern about nasty chemicals on the skin after a shave or seeping in the skin.

The range of aftershaves was made by a man for men and has considered natural scents that any man would like. You can go for a single scent or go for the trial set to test what naturally compliments your own natural scent best.


Making better choices

These days making better decisions as a consumer is easier than ever. And as consumers who have a choice, it is our responsibility to make those better decisions. Better for our planet. Better for animals and better for ourselves.

Whether you find what you are looking for here or not, be sure to check the ethics and principles of those companies which you choose to support.

Here at Dolma Vegan Perfumes and Aftershaves, we strive as a company to live up to ethics and principles that are the future. We strive to set the standard of what should already be and what will eventually be.