11 Inspiring Vegan Men You Should Follow and Support

This post was originally posted on April 15th 2019. It has been updated for freshness, accuracy and completeness.

It’s so exciting to these guys using their platforms to spread awareness and often putting themselves in incredibly vulnerable situations to do so. 

Who are these vegan men we love so much? Joey Carbstrong, Earthling Ed, John Lewis (Badass Vegan), Rich Roll, Christopher Sebastian, Nimai Delgado, Torre Washington, Tobias Leenhaert, Soul Eubanks, James Aspey, Joaquin Phoenix, and Seb Alex.

They’re incredible role models coming from all sorts of backgrounds with very different methods of advocacy. To other men considering veganism, they lead by example and are proof that choosing to be more compassionate doesn’t make you any less of a man.

11 Inspiring Vegan Men to Follow and Support

Joey Carbstrong

Maybe we should change his name to ‘Joey Headstrong’. This guy’s passion for veganism is beautiful. He is vegan for the animals, and you can really feel his desire for change. 

Joey has had a troubled youth. It landed him in prison, and many anti-vegans criticize and devalue Joey’s work for this. This is perhaps what makes him such a good advocate. He has converted his troubled past and working for something he loves.

If you know what it means to be caged up, you can identify more. Besides that, a person’s past should not dictate how you see them now.

Joey had to go the wrong way to find his own right way. He has since committed to helping animals and bring more peace in the world. It’s quite crazy to devalue someone’s current good actions because of their troubled past. 

Joey’s personal mission is to bring to light what goes on behind closed doors at factory farms. His passion is making his voice louder and louder. 

This kind of passion for being the voice of the voiceless is what makes him an amazing vegan man. It’s not about him or his masculinity but about the animals that are suffering when they don’t have to.

Website: https://www.joeycarbstrong.com/

YouTube: Joey Carbstrong

Ed Winters (Earthling Ed)

Earthling Ed has done some absolutely incredible things for the vegan movement speaking at over 1/3 of all the universities in the UK and reaching millions via his YouTube channel. 

Ed has given talks at Harvard University and has provided not one, but two speeches for TedTalks. 

He co-founded and co-directed the Surge. Which organized The Official Animal Rights March in London. This resulted in 28,000 people marching to end animal cruelty. 

Ed also opened a vegan diner in London where all the profits go towards helping animals. Did you know he is only 25 years old!

The reason he is so liked for talks is his incredible ability to stay calm and collected, even in the most heated debates. I have rarely seen an interaction with Ed, where the opposition doesn’t come off defeated.

Ed’s method of conversation is fascinating. He aims to help people understand veganism for themselves. Rather than trying to convert them.

Ed likes to plant seeds so that people can go on in their own lives and make changes because of their own epiphanies.

His TedTalks were well received and definitely worth a watch. Support him and his activism. A man showing compassion, patience, love and kindness, the voice for those who can’t defend themselves.

Ed has an excellent Instagram account, but the juice of his content is on his YouTube channel.

Website: https://earthlinged.org/

YouTube: Earthling Ed

John Lewis (Badass Vegan)

John is a well-renowned fitness expert and vegan advocate. He has spent two decades in the health and fitness industry.

John is deeply passionate about veganism and his mission in life. He has a constant feed of positivity and fun on social media, helping to change some of the misconceptions about vegans and the lifestyle.

His messages are often motivational and downright inspiring. John also takes these messages to an intonation audience through his public speaking work and social media outlets.

John is taking his vegan advocacy to the next level, currently producing his own documentary. The feature-length film will focus on food and social justice. 

Working with the maker of “What the Health“, the two will ask essential questions. Such as why Americans of color suffer from higher rates of chronic disease. 

The documentary will “examine the intersections of food, disease, race, poverty, institutional racism and government corruption”.

Website: https://badassvegan.com/

Instagram: @badassvegan 

Rich Roll

Who is Rich Roll? He may not be the type of activist that we’re used to, but he is a great advocate in his own way. While Rich advocates for animal rights, his reason for initially going vegan was for his personal health.

After failing to climb a small flight of stairs, Rich decided it was time for a change. He went vegan and got himself into shape. And by shape, we mean ultramarathon shape. And best of all, he did it when he was 50!

Fuelled by nothing but plants, he surprised the triathlon & ultra-endurance communities. He is the first vegan to complete the 320-mile über-endurance event, and most impressively finished in the top 10!

Making him the 3rd fastest American and the 2nd fastest in the swim split. All this despite having never previously completed even a half-iron man distance triathlon.

Rich deserves mention for being an incredible example of the health benefits of a plant-based diet. He was fat, sick and unhealthy and turned his life around. 

He now has one of the most listened to podcasts. Unlock Your Best Self sees Rich interviewing people from all walks of life on how to unleash your true potential. 

He also travels and does amazing talks about plant-based diets. Being an athlete as well as raising kids on a plant-based diet are also focus points. 

It’s refreshing to have a man tackle veganism from this angle.

Rich’s success and positive attitude towards a vegan diet are what we need. Most of all, Rich is living proof that a plant-based diet does not mean loss of physical power and endurance.

Website: https://www.richroll.com/

Twitter: @richroll

Nimai Delgado

If we’re talking fitness then how can I leave out none other than Nimai Delgado? There are many vegan athletes and bodybuilders out there, so what makes him unique? 

He has never eaten meat. Ever. He grew up living a kind of hippie life on a farm with animals and was raised a vegan. For him, there was never a question whether he would eat meat or not.

Nimai is a prime example of what a vegan man can be and embody. He is calm, collected and deeply compassionate. 

He speaks about veganism in a way that pulls you in for more. His parents raised him to respect animals on a spiritual level. When Nimai talks about his vegan journey, his passion for the sentience of creatures is noticeable.

So why is Nimai making waves?

Have you seen this guy? He breaks one of the biggest stereotypes there is about plant-based diets. A lot of men think that they will become small and skinny on a plant-based diet. 

If you don’t eat well, you probably will go skinny, but if you eat a plant-based diet that is rich in protein, you can gain big muscle mass. Nimai’s biceps are living proof!

Nimai is showing the world that you can still be cut and compassionate at the same time. His YouTube channel is full of fantastic information on how he makes his gains and what he eats. 

He most recently featured on the successful documentary The Game Changers. The Netflix documentary sparked a conversation about plant-based diets worldwide.

Website: https://veganfitness.com/

Instagram: @nimai_delgado

Torre Washington

A bodybuilding pro and veteran vegan. Torre breaks all stereotypes about vegan men. He is proof that long-term veganism won’t make you die of protein deficiency. 

He is also proof that being super-ripped and vegan is possible.

Torre also is deeply compassionate about animals. He isn’t afraid of using his platform to raise awareness and educate people about animal rights.

He describes himself as a Rastafarian and lives by the philosophy. This means, living off the land, including plenty of fruits and veg that keep him fueled.

A fitness coach by profession, Torre helps people to transform their bodies via fitness and plant-based diets. 

He leads by example, assisting many men in realizing just how awesome a vegan lifestyle can be. As well, how rewarding it can be.

Photos on social media of him showing off his torso and muscles are helping many men second guess their misconceptions about veganism.

He is also a top motivator not just for workouts but for life. Torre puts out a lot of self-affirming messages that we all need to hear from time to time.

Website: https://torrewashington.com/

Instagram: @torre.washington

Tobias Leenhaert

Author of “How to Create a Vegan World: a Pragmatic Approach”, Tobias has been making serious waves with his message. 

He often refers to himself as the “Vegan Strategist” for his unique approach to spreading the vegan word. 

He conducts presentations all over the world, telling people about the plant-based movement. All in front of big corporations and other activists.

Tobias works closely with vegan social psychologist Melanie Joy. Most famous for her own book, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows. Together they talk on behalf of the Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy (CEVA).

Tobias is also the co-founder of ProVeg International. This is an innovative pro-vegan food awareness organization. 

ProVeg is helping to reduce the consumption of animal products worldwide. They have a target of lowering animal consumption by 50% by 2040. 

Website: http://veganstrategist.org/over/

Twitter: @TobiasLeenaert

Soul Eubanks

Christopher, aka Soul Eubanks, is an American based activist. He is not on the map like some of these other guys we have mentioned, but as his name suggests, he has soul!

Soul will achieve amazing things for animal rights through his animal photography, music and activism. Soul also started the Culture Vegan.

Culture Vegan is a media channel that produces video content to help spread the message of veganism. “We capture the pulse of vegan culture by showcasing its colourful festivals, eclectic dining, vibrant fashions and its emerging entertainment scene”. 

Soul has been taking vegan activism head-on. He has taken part in Anonymous for the Voiceless. Interned for The Humane League

Soul volunteered at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary. Co-founded the Atlanta Animal Save and became the co-organizer of the Atlanta chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless. 

He is immersing himself into creating awareness and giving support when and where he can. Whether someone is “famous” or not doesn’t demote their impact.

Follow Soul on his journey and watch him achieve some amazing things for animals.

Website: https://www.souleubanks.com/

Twitter: @soul_eubanks

James Aspey

James Aspey is from Australia and became well known when he went viral for going silent for 365 days, an entire year. He went voiceless for the voiceless. 

But his vegan journey didn’t start there. It began when he was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 weeks to live. Most people would accept their fate in a moment like that, but after 3 years of chemo, he survived.

So it wasn’t his illness that turned him vegan but a chance meeting with a man on a cruise ship. This inspired Aspey to do more research into vegetarianism. 

After trying vegetarianism and researching more into animal ag, James chose a vegan lifestyle.

This is what triggered his initial 365 vow of silence and what would eventually lead him to the success he has now.

Since then he has been travelling the world speaking about veganism and a plant-based lifestyle. He is charismatic and easy to watch. But that doesn’t mean his words aren’t powerful and impactful. 

His talk on veganism reaches into the depth of your heart and pulls out that which lies within us all – that we don’t want to hurt animals.

James has an active Instagram page sharing his vegan life with his girlfriend as well as what he is up to. He prefers YouTube as a platform to get his ideas across.

Website: https://www.jamesaspey.com.au/

YouTube: James Aspey

Joaquin Phoenix

In recent months, Joaquin Phoenix has become a lot more vocal about his veganism. Throughout his promotion work for The Joker, he often discussed his veganism in interviews.

While Joaquin may not be an activist, his influence has earned his spot on this list. He is helping to reach millions with his calm and honest vegan outreach.

In February this year, he joined people on the Tower Bridge in London during a vegan demonstration. 

Proving he is not afraid to fight for what he believes in. During which, he urged everyone to go vegan and made headlines in major newspapers.

Joaquin has also been discussing his veganism at award shows. One of the biggest platforms available to him, he gave a speech at the Oscars destroying the dairy industry.

A recent report in the US found that celebrities increase awareness about vegan food products was helping to create a mass appeal for veganism. 

Celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix and Billie Eilish were considered the most influential.

Instagram: @joaquinphoen

Seb Alex

Another vegan activist we don’t hear enough about. Seb Alex works tirelessly to spread the vegan message across the globe, armed with his intellect and the support of his followers.

Born and raised in Lebanon, Seb Alex was once a corporate hotshot until he realized his time was better spent on Animal Rights Advocacy.

He frequently travels across the globe giving powerful speeches in schools.

During 2018 he gave talks on Vegan Advocacy, Why Veganism, Why Activism and Learning From Previous Struggles to over 1200+ people across Europe.

In 2019, he was presented in over 30 different universities about Animal Exploitation & Sustainability. He is now focused on grassroots activism events and giving around 40 lectures on Speciesism & Sustainability.

Website: https://www.sebalex.org/

Instagram: Seb.Alex

A New Man

These vegan men are only a snapshot of a new kind of man emerging. A man that is conscious of his actions. One that is taking responsibility for those actions. A man that is proud to be compassionate towards those weaker than he is.

For veganism to spread. If we want to liberate as many animals from suffering as possible, we have to change the false perceptions of what it means to be a vegan. All of these vegan men are showing that by being vegan, you don’t lose anything of what it means to be a man.

Whether this man is speaking to people about animal rights, taking photos of animals in their natural environment or showing what is physically possible on a plant-based diet. These are the men of the future.